Establishing a Sustainable Standard for Events

When: 9th December, 4:00pm – 4:45pm

What: Webinar

In our final webinar of the year, industry experts came together discuss how to establish a sustainable standard for events. They shared thoughts on what exactly this would look like, where to start and why it is so important.

View a recording of the session below, and find accompanying resources here.

Talking Pictures: Make Do and Mend

When: 3rd December, 5:00pm – 6:15pm

What: Virtual event

This session we shareg film from two different crises: public information and documentary films from WW2 and contemporary films that have been created in response to Covid-19. Patrick Russell (BFI), Steve Garvey (Moving Image) and Emma Nicholls (Wing) discuss how film, then and now, has responded to shared experience looking at ways people have come together in the face of common problems.

View the recording below, and find a full list of accompanying resources here. Please note, the BFI archive footage has been omitted from this recording but links to these films are available via the resources article.

The WOW Factor

When: 11th November, 4:00pm – 4:45pm

What: Webinar

We speak to industry experts in the corporate film and live event industries about that elusive thing we call ‘The WOW Factor’. What exactly is it? Why do people respond to it? And how can we create it?

View the discussion recording below, and find a full list of accompanying resources here.

Freelancer's Forum

When: 28th October, 5:00pm – 6:00pm

Where: Online

This was a chance for us to bring together the freelancers in our membership, to discuss the current challenges they are facing, how the situation has progressed and what support is, and should be, available. This was also be a chance for freelancers to meet each other (virtually), sharing experiences and advice in a safe forum. This event was run virtually due to the new restrictions. We had hoped to hold it in a pub, so we encouraged people to come with a glass of wine or a beer! If you missed it, you can read about the session here.

Recruitment and Skills: Advice from the Experts

When: 21st October, 4:00pm – 4:45pm

What: Webinar

A panel of recruitment experts will discuss the particular challenges of the current job market, and share advice for people who are looking for work or looking to change jobs. They will share their tips on how to upskill, and which skills to focus on, and there will be a chance for audience members to ask questions throughout the session.

View the discussion below, and find a full list of accompanying resources here.

Brand Film Industry Report 2020 - The Big Launch

When: 14th October, 4:00pm – 4:45pm

What: Virtual Event

Brand film has been the hidden sector of the UK TV industry. In this event, Steve Garvey of Moving Image unveiled the first research into the corporate film industry for 15 years, and a panel of experts discussed. Using detailed feedback from more than 100 industry leaders, the report gives our sector a fresh narrative for the new decade. The report is available here.

View the discussion below, and find a full list of accompanying resources here.

Inside Internal Comms

When: 23rd September, 4:00pm – 4:45pm

What: Webinar

Internal Communications was a particularly popular category at this year’s awards, so we have gathered industry experts to tell us all about it. What makes internal communications so distinct from external communications? How can we do it well? Why is it so vital to company culture?

View the discussion below, and find a full list of accompanying resources here.

(Set) Location, Location, Location

Wednesday 29th July

What: Webinar

Now that the Covid-19 guidelines allow us shoot on location again, filmmakers share their tips on finding the perfect location, and dealing with the challenges of the less perfect ones! With panelists Andrew de Lotbinere (Pukka Films), Nick Howard (Limehouse), Eliot Carroll (Tinderflint) and Jonny Ross (Hamlett Films) in a discussion facilitated by Sian Hamlett (Hamlett Films).

View the discussion below, and find a full list of accompanying resources here.

Designing A Hybrid

Wednesday 8th July

What: Webinar

This new normal has shown us the many possibilities that the virtual has to offer, but combining the virtual world with the live world isn’t new! We speak to experts about what it takes to design and deliver a fantastic hybrid event.

View the talk below, and find a full list of accompanying resources here.

Shooting Stories

Wednesday 1st July, 4pm

What: Webinar

Film is all about telling stories. Experts share their insight into shooting stories, from documentary films to the story of a brand. They discuss the importance of stories, how to persuade clients the importance of stories, and how to tell them right!

View the talk below, and find a full list of accompanying resources here.

Rebuilding A Well Workforce

Wednesday 24th June

What: Talk

Laura Capell-Abra (Stress Matters) shares her insight into how to find the balance between your team’s wellbeing and re-building your business. As lockdown relaxes and companies are slowly getting back to work we are now in that position of trying to work out how to get through the other side of a pandemic. She will look at how to utilise your best assets and how to build a stronger team than pre-pandemic.

View the talk below, and find a full list of accompanying resources here.

Towards recovery: 'Successfully motivate your re-united team after Furlough'

Wednesday 10th June, 4:00pm – 4:45pm

How people are re-integrated into the business may dictate your success in the ‘recovery’ phase of this crisis.

In this session, Sharon Baker and Lucy Thompson, leadership and team coaches, will lead an interactive discussion around questions like:

  • How do we re-integrate people and build team cohesion when the company may have changed?
  • How do we ensure people are equipped, empowered and working efficiently to enable optimal growth?
  • What will it take to manage any internal dynamics between furloughed and other employees?
  • What do we need to know to lead this process sensitively and effectively to ensure wellbeing?

View a recording of the webinar below, and find a full list of accompanying resources here.

Sustainability in a World Gone Virtual

Wednesday 3rd June, 4:00pm – 4:45pm

Planes are grounded, conferences are moving online, and mountain ranges are visible for the first time in years. Sustainability has been a hot topic in our industry in recent years. So what is the impact of the move to virtual on the fight for a more sustainable events sector? Will the world be more open to calls to protect the planet or will it revert back to normal? What does a sustainable events sector of the future look like? Experts in sustainability in the events sector will investigate these questions and more!

Panelists: Sam Wilson (Syntiro Associates), Andrew Reid (Shelton Fleming), Nikki Williams (IMEX) and Rick Stainton (Smyle). This discussion will be facilitated by Megan Napier-Andrews (BCD M&E).

View a recording of the webinar below, and find a full list of accompanying resources here.

Social Media during Social Distancing

Wednesday 27th May, 4:00 – 4:45pm

Social media is imperative to the way we communicate as businesses and individuals, the way we market events and share films. But for the first time, for many, social media is now the only way people can communicate, not just with clients and customers, but with friends, family and internal teams. What is this teaching us about social media and communication via social media? How can we genuinely keep in contact with the people who are important to us and our businesses? And as everyone turns to Instagram (or Facebook or Twitter or TikTok), how can we keep our social media content engaging and creative?

Panelists: Jemma Peers (Top Banana), David Glenwright (JC Social Media) and Katie Morhen (52eight3 PR). This discussion was facilitated by Charlotte Gentry (Pure Comms Group).

View a recording of the webinar below, and find a full list of accompanying resources here.

Life After Crisis: Mental Health and Wellbeing

Wednesday 20th May, 4:00 – 4:45pm

The current crisis is having huge impacts, both from a business perspective and on a personal level, on our wellbeing and mental health. How can we come out of this with strength and confidence? The mental health stresses that we will be dealing with on our return to work may well be very different to those we were dealing with during the lockdown period. How can we give each other the space and time to readjust to whatever recovery looks like?

Panelists Gavin Percy (Balancing Edges and EventWell), Colin Bullen (Change Craft) and James Hunter (Hawthorn), will be discussing mental health, self-confidence and how we can cope with what’s coming, in a discussion facilitated by Mark Maher (Boulevard Events and EventWell).

This session is a joint session between the EVCOM programme and EventWell.

View a recording of the webinar below, and find a full list of accompanying resources here.

Creativity in the Time of Corona

Wednesday 13th May, 4:00pm – 4:45pm

In the time of Corona, we are being forced out of our comfort zones, forced to innovate, forced to be creative. So what can a pandemic teach us about creativity? A panel of industry leaders gather virtually, to discuss creativity in the time of Corona, what they are learning, what creativity in the new normal looks like and whether creativity has been changed forever.

Panelists are Matt Margetson (Smyle), Karen Kadin (Brands At Work), Steve Quah (Cheerful Twentyfirst) and Angela Law (Every Sense). The discussion will be facilitated by Dean Beswick (Gorilla Gorilla). 

View a recording of the webinar below, and find a full list of accompanying resources here.

In Conversation with Michael Hirst OBE

Wednesday 6th May, 4:00pm – 4:45pm

EVCOM’s Claire Fennelow and Hayley Greaves (Ashfield Meeting and Events), facilitate a Q&A with Michael Hirst OBE (BVEP), on the current crisis, especially surrounding government announcements, support available and the impact on businesses in our sector.

Michael Hirst is the Chairman, Business Visits and Events Partnership, Chairman, Events Industry Board, Director and Form Chairman, Tourism Alliance, Council Member, Tourism Industry Council, and Non-Executive Director of both CP Holdings Ltd and Safestay Plc. In representing the event, tourism and venue industries, he is the tireless voice speaking out on our behalf.  

View a recording of the webinar below, and find a full list of accompanying resources here.

Animation, Animation, Animation

Wednesday 29th April, 4:00pm – 4:45pm

Animation and visual experts Jonathan Brigden (Studio Giggle), Nina Harrison (Visualise That), Gabriel Edwards (Liquid TV) and Asra Ali-Khan (Liquid TV) discuss the possibilities of animation as a method of communication, tips of the trade and why it’s so effective. This was an online panel discussion facilitated by Nick Canner (The Edge Picture Company), and live scribed by Lance Bell (Visualise That).

View a recording of the webinar below, and find a full list of accompanying resources here.

And view Lance’s live scribe of the session here:

Being Freelance in the Current Climate

Wednesday 22nd April, 4:00pm – 4:45pm

A panel featuring Tim Langford (Freelance Filmmaker and EVCOM Board Member), Gavin Buxton Knight (Freelance Film Writer/ Director) and Laura Cole (LC Events), discuss the situation for freelancers in our industry, including tips and advice. The discussion is facilitated by EVCOM Board Member Sara Cooper (Plastic Pictures).

View a recording of the webinar below, and find a full list of accompanying resources here.

Understanding the Possibilities of the Virtual World

Wednesday 8th April, 4:00pm – 4:45pm

A panel featuring Andrew Smith (Creative Director, A-Vision and EVCOM Board Member), Jamie Vaughan (Head of European Sales, Cvent) and Jon Gout (CEO, Karma), discussed the possibilities of the virtual world. This session was hosted and facilitated by Dale Parmenter (Managing Director, DRPG and EVCOM Board Member).

View a recording of the webinar below, and find a full list of accompanying resources here.

Crisis Leadership: A Virtual Campfire

Wednesday 1st April 

Sharon Baker takes her campfire session virtual, with advice to equip leaders with the necessary skills to provide stability to their team, and to ensure agencies can emerge from this crisis with strength, ready for the new normal!

Fly Don’t Walk works with creative agencies to unleash the power of their leaders and leadership teams so they flourish and can empower, motivate and inspire employees. 

View Sharon’s talk below, and find a full list of accompanying resources here.

16th July - EVCOM Clarion Awards

A Virtual Ceremony

We went live from DRPG’s studio for our first ever virtual ceremony to reveal the winners of the EVCOM Clarion Awards, which champion live and film work with a cause-driven focus. Sponsored by DRPG, cvent, Syntiro Associates, Radley Yeldar, Brandcast Health and Present Communications.

You can watch the recording of the ceremony here: 


A Campfire

Designed for company principals, directors and owners, this thought provoking campfire shared crucial findings and insights from clients on pitching to help our guests get to grips with a new, more profitable and purposeful approach to pitching. Angela Law from Every Sense works with numerous creative and live event agencies and production companies every year. Through a qualitative client research programme, Every Sense also speak to dozens of clients every year. Angela shared the consistent patterns of assumptions behind pitches and pitching from both an agency and client point of view when compared to actual behaviour. Attendees came away from this campfire with a new understanding of what clients look for and why, how to move beyond the dog fights, when to pitch, when to decline and how to focus your efforts and energies on a winning strategy.

The team from Visual That live scribed the event, as the images they produced are below:

4th 2020 March - Fuelling Film: Corporate Film & The Energy Sector

Talking Pictures

Talking Pictures brought together guests from across the corporate film industry, to discuss corporate film within the energy sector, both in the fields of oil and gas, as well as in the field of renewable energy, such as sun and wind. The fossil fuel industry arguably powered the British documentary movement and today’s energy industry continues to fuel corporate film production particularly in the light of climate change. This session featured outstanding work from the BFI archive and some of the best of contemporary production, followed by an insightful panel discussion.

Watch the short film we created about the event here.

22nd January 2020 - Addressing Mental Health in the Creative Industries: A guide to help build resilience amongst your team

A Campfire

The Events Industry is widely recognised as a highly stressful industry sector, ranking as the fifth most stressful industry to work in. In light of this, Helen Moon (Eventwell) led an invaluable session on what can we do to minimise and manage stress, to better support the mental health of ourselves and our teams.

Watch the post event video Helen Moon created here, and read our article on mental health in the creative industries here.

Tuesday 16th June

2PM: Creative Richard Holman shares three tips to finding those elusive great ideas.

3PM: Illustrator and artist Lucie Arnoux talks about her creative process and how she gets started on a new project.

Find out more about both sessions here.

Wednesday 17th June

2PM: In a live interview, Tony Evans (EGI Live) shares how to plan and design a strategic event in the current climate.

3PM: Humza Chaudhry (Celebro Media) takes us on a tour of the Celebro studios and shares his experiences of remote broadcasting during the pandemic and top tips for how to produce content safely but creatively at this time.

4PM: We interview Kevin Hosier (GCN Talent) live, as he sheds light on the skills gaps and recruitment challenges that have emerged as a result of the impact of Covid-19.

Find out more about both sessions here.

Thursday 18th June

2PM: Trainer and Facilitator Andrew Blair shares his insight into the possibilities and practicalities of experiential learning in a live interview.

3PM: Dan Walker (Ashfield Meetings and Events) shares his top tips on how to get a focused outcome, by thinking inside the box!

4PM: Katie Morhen (52eight3 PR) shares her top tips on how to get the press interested in your event.

Find out more about all three sessions here.

Thank you to TwentyThree for supporting our webinar and virtual events programme.

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