Last week, Claire welcomed our audience of people to our first in person campfire in two years, taking place in Starstruck Space. The group consisted of MDs, Directors and CEO’s of top corporate film and events companies, and the session was facilitated by agency new business expert Rob King, Founder of The Client Key.

Step one, he says, is all about brand proposition. A good place to start is “what can we take away.” Remove all that fluff, and focus on the value you offer people rather than a simple description of services.

Next, Rob recommends doing a full client audit. From CRM tools to simple spreadsheets, find a way to keep track of how and when you have engaged with potential clients. Detail is key to getting meaningful results.

Third on the agenda is engagement. First, think about who you are trying to engage. Put yourself in the mind of the specific client when you write anything, whether that’s thought leadership or an email. Then think about what your engagement pieces are. Rob suggests getting thought leadership out there, writing blogs and articles, and offering sessions or workshops. That way, the conversation can begin with a new client without it even mentioning new business.

When it comes to acquisition, Rob says, the final stages can sometimes be “the hardest bit.” He offers a buying model that takes clients through a several-step process, during which a relationship is built. By the time you are pitching, he says, you want the client to be so ready to work with you that it’s almost a done deal.

Finally, Rob recommends listening and learning. The methodology he has shared through the session works circularly. People often review unsuccessful pitches, but successful ones can be just as helpful to review. “Why did this work?” asks Rob. “When you understand that, you can replicate it.”

Throughout the session, attendees share their own challenges around new business, as well as best practise. They voice areas in which they are struggling and get advice from people around the table. We finish the session with a glass of wine, a chance for people to network and ask any further questions of Rob.

Attendee Shannon Hayward (Head of Client Management, The Edge Picture Company), said: “It was really great to be back in a room with likeminded people at the EVCOM campfire. A refreshing, friendly and informative evening – I look forward to more!”

Nick Coombes (Executive Producer, Bouche Media) added: “It was really useful. A nice combination of new ideas and reminders of good practice, a great way to start the year!”

Rob finished, ““What a great way to start 2022 hosting a session on A New Way, for New Business, our agency model at The Client Key. The room was full of energy, tackling real world creative new biz challenges and helping solve them!”

Thank you to everyone who joined us, and to Rob for leading our first campfire session of 2022.

Photo credit: Leo Wilkinson

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