Thank you so much to everyone who joined us this week to share experiences and resources at our Freelancer’s Forum, ran by Claire Fennelow (Executive Director, EVCOM) and Tim Langford (Freelance Filmmaker & EVCOM Board Member).

Attendees began by sharing their physical and mental wellbeing, as well as tips on how to maintain both. Recommendations included taking a break from watching the news, walking the dog, household renovation and generally keeping busy. The group discussed ways to stay creative in the current climate, and shared their experience of volunteering for charity projects, and mentoring up and coming creatives. People suggested working on personal marketing in moments of down time – editing showreels and CVs – in order to be ‘oven-ready’ for work as it comes in.

They discussed the importance of talking to people throughout this period, personally and professionally. One freelancer suggested calling up clients and fellow creatives to check in and make contact, not as a marketing exercise but as a wellbeing exercise. The group also shared their advice for young people starting out in the industry, once again stressing the importance of reaching out to people already working in the industry for some advice over a coffee or a zoom!

Tim Langford expressed his faith in the inherent creativity and resilience of creative freelancers, praising their ability to think differently and be resourceful. As a reminder of this creativity, Claire asked the group to share some faves – favourite film directors (Coen Brothers, Celine Sciamma, Martin Scorcese), most memorable commercials (Guinness Surfers was popular) and drinks of choice (mojito, vodka martini with a twist, old fashioned)!

Lastly, we discussed what EVCOM can do to support our freelance community, and we announced two new pledges:

In support of freelancer’s we would like to extend our offer of free membership for freelancers until 1st July 2021. Freelancer’s are able to make the most of EVCOM’s programme and benefits at no cost until half way through next year. If you’re interested in signing up as a freelance member of EVCOM for free, please get in touch with Amelia at

Current freelance members will also not be charged membership until 1st July 2021, pushing back any membership payments which would come out between now and then to allow people some respite as the industry recovers.

We hope that these offers will help to support our freelance community. We are always open to further suggestions from freelancers around what EVCOM can do for you so please don’t hesitate to get in touch!


Accompanying Resources –  Here’s a link that will give EVCOM freelance members free access – valid until beginning of November.

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