EVCOM Jobs Board: A Guide to Sending In Opportunities

We are delighted that you are interested in posting your job opportunity on the EVCOM Jobs Board. Please see below a list of the thing that we need from you to post the job, and how it all works. If you have any questions do not hesitate to get in touch with Amelia at amelia.brown@evcom.org.uk

How it works:

Job opportunities will be displayed on the jobs board on the EVCOM website, and shared on our social media accounts when appropriate. Applicants will be able to read about the company, the job role and what is required, based on the info given by the hiring company as specified below. Applicants will be able to apply through the EVCOM Jobs Board website (or instructions written by the hiring company), by submitting a cover letter and CV, along with their personal details, in an online form. This form will go directly to EVCOM and to the hiring company. EVCOM will not be looking at the content of the form, but will be receiving this email for data monitoring purposes, so we know how many people are using the jobs board.

Please provide the email address you would like applications to go to:

If the position is filled before the application deadline, please let Amelia know by emailing amelia.brown@evcom.org.uk so that the jobs board can be updated.


What we need from you:

Job Role:

Company Name:


Job type: eg full time/ part time/ freelancer


Job Location:

Job description/ responsibilities:

Experience required:

Application deadline:

Company Bio:

How to apply:

We look forward to receiving the above info, and to sharing your opportunity with our community.


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