Thank you so much to everyone who joined us to discuss and celebrate the WOW Factor. Our panel of experts, Kate Dawkins (Kate Dawkins Studio), Dax Callner (Smyle), Simon Baird (Cheerful Twentyfirst) and Charlotte Gentry (Pure Comms Group) shared what WOW Factor meant to them, and discussed the importance of connection in a discussion facilitated by EVCOM Exec-Director Claire Fennelow. 

Simon describes a WOW moment as “a circuit breaker“, a chance to get someone’s full attention in a world full of stimulus, to connect with them to tell a bigger story. Charlotte adds that WOW is different for everyone, and so considering what WOW means to a client is a really important starting point when trying to create something impactful. Dax breaks what WOW means to him into three areas: something new that a person hasn’t seen before, emotional resonance and something useful and interesting that the attendee can take away from this experience. Kate finishes by stressing how many different parts go into creating a special, spine-tingling moment, and agrees with Dax that emotional resonance and a lasting impression are a huge part of WOW Factor for her.

The panel go on to discuss creating WOW in this new world of virtual events and UGC content.They also share their own experiences of WOW moments, from events they’ve attended to ones they have worked on. They share moments of WOW that range from chocolates on the hand to five minutes of silence, emphasising that WOW can be big but it can also be small, that it can be aimed for at every scale.

If you missed the sessions you can catch up via our recording below:


Accompanying Resources

Watch the four examples of WOW Factor work in full below:



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