This EVCOMference Deconstructed we ran not one but two sessions to try and help our audience understand the metaverse – what it is, what’s so exciting about it and how it can impact our industries.

In the first session, delivered in partnership with Performing Artistes, we heard from metaverse and technology expert Dr Mark Van Rijmenam. Also know as The Digital Speaker, Dr Mark is a future tech strategist and author of four books on the subject. His most recent book ‘Step into the Metaverse’ is now available on Kindle if you want to find out even more!

Dr Mark talks about how quickly thinking has changed around the metaverse. Large brands like J. P. Morgan who only a few years ago were refusing to engage in it, are now embracing it completely. High street shops have constructed virtual shopping experiences where customers have avatars and can choose clothes in this digital space and then receive them in the physical.

There are so many definitions of the metaverse out there, but Dr Mark offers his: “The metaverse is where the physical and the digital worlds converge into a ‘phygital’ experience, augmenting both the virtual and the physical worlds.” And, over the next two decades, he expects the world to change fundamentally because of it. Every industry will be impacted by it, and it will change the way we work, socialise and play.

Watch Dr Mark’s keynote below or via our video hub here, where he shares his insight into the metaverse and how it will change everything.

Later that day we drilled down further into the metaverse, looking specifically at the ways in which the metaverse will impact the events industry. Joining us for this panel discussion were experts Martin Walton (Creative Director, Broadsword) and Michael Naman (Creative Technology Director, Identity).
The panellists share their definitions of the metaverse, and the many technologies it currently spans. They talk about what the metaverse can offer in terms of personal data ownership and how to ensure that the metaverse is collectively owned and not monopolised by single corporates. They talk about the concerns surrounding the metaverse, but equally the opportunities that it offers generally and for the events sector.
Watch the webinar below or via our video hub here, to find out how the events industry will transform as the metaverse becomes more and more prevalent.
Thank you to all our speakers for sharing their insight into this new space!
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