This week we were joined by sustainability experts from across the supply chain for our final webinar of the year: ‘Establishing A Sustainable Standard for Events’. We heard from Anna Abdelnoor (ISLA), Richard Cassar (Ethical Tee Company), Manuela Cadarso (Cheerful Twentyfirst) in a fascinating and valuable discussion facilitated by Sam Wilson (Syntiro Associates).

Each of the panelists shared their relationship to sustainability, discussing its importance and why it needs to be addressed now. They talked about the misconceptions around sustainability including expense and the limitation to environmental impact. They went on to discuss where the responsibility for change lies, ultimately agreeing that responsibility lies with people at every level, every step of the process. They ended by highlighting the importance of collaboration over competition as we fight for a more sustainable sector and a more sustainable world.

If you missed the webinar, you can catch up via our recording below:


Accompanying Resources

David Attenborough’s new documentary ‘ a life on our planet’ is available on netflix:

The following resources have been provided by the brilliant Ethical Tee Company, and highlight the garment industry and the impact of cotton on the environment.

True Cost of Cotton:

Aral Sea disaster:

Earth Positive:

For a wider overall view on the garment industry these websites are really good and are doing really amazing work:

This is a great overview/blog about organic cottons:

Below is a link to the GOTS website, GLOBAL ORGANIC TEXTILE STANDARD is the highest trading standard for organic textiles. All our cotton is GOTS, the other organic cotton standard is OCS and as discussed the main difference is the percentage of organic cotton needed to gain the authenticity label, as well as OCS having ‘blend’ label that allows even less organic cotton to be used in a fabric.

The below link is to FairWear Foundation an independent audit organisation. Further below I have also supplied a link to a paper that highlights the greenwashing by alternative and widely used audit company WRAP. We will not supply goods that have the WRAP certification. Fairwear has easy to access reports and supports and enables a system where workers can raise concerns. It also rates brands rather than just factories so we can see the level that the brand operates at. Giving it a percentage mark and rating it as average, good or leader status, so one can further inform one’s choice. All our apparel is Fairwear Foundation certified with either a LEADER or GOOD status, around 90% of the apparel we supply comes under the LEADER status.

WRAP:  Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production.

There are consistent and persistent reports of abuse of workers rights and human rights violations from brands that are certified under the WRAP audit certification. Brands like Gildan, American Apparel, Anvil, Fruit of the Loom.

There are also numerous publications like the link below from University/Union studies that are highly critical of WRAP themselves.

“According to a report by the American Federation of Labor­ Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL­CIO) report: “Given WRAP’s refusal to refer to ILO conventions and its close ties to the industry it serves, unions and other worker rights advocates consistently have dismissed WRAP as an ineffective entity to improve workplace conditions.” WRAP does not provide any means for workers to report violations or file complaints. While freedom of association is mentioned as one of the “12 Principles,” WRAP does little to monitor the rights of workers other than taking factory managers on their own word. As illustrated in the last section of this summary, WRAP has a track record of failing to protect the rights of workers.”

The below website will give you information on an alternative sustainable fabric EcoVero, which is another of the fabrics we supply:

70% EcoVero 30% GOTS certified organic cotton:

This is the link to the Carbon Trust which is the organisation that certifies that the Earth Positive, Fairshare & Salvage ranges we supply as Climate Neutral:


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