The word hybrid has become commonly heard in our industries over the last two years. But it has also been regularly redefined, seen as the only way forwards and completely dismissed by different people at different stages of the pandemic. As part of EVCOMference Deconstructed we went live from DRPG’s studio space in Worcester to find out how hybrid has transformed and how it is transforming the industry in turn. Matt Franks (Director of Events, DRPG) led and facilitated the session, with speakers Richard Bridge (Founder & CEO, Top Banana), Ian Cummings (MD, CWT Meetings & Events) and Nina Harrison-Bell (Head of Industry News, ITN Productions).

They discuss what hybrid actually means beyond just a buzzword (and advocate for a new word!), and share their thoughts on how the corporate film and events industries are likely to interact with hybrid in the coming years. They talk about their experiences around using hybrid both before the pandemic, during and after, and discuss both the potential benefits that hybridity offer to the industry – such as accessibility and limits on people flying – as well as the limits of it. Digital networking, for example, is something they agree isn’t here to stay.

The world is moving quickly, and the industry with it, and the panel discuss the challenges of continually pivoting and meeting the changing needs of their audiences, including engaging younger generations. How will the technological developments into the metaverse and virtual reality impact the hybrid space, they ask. And in a world of excess content, how can event organisers and filmmakers continue to deliver projects that offer the unexpected, that standout and that respond to the growing demand for hyper-personalisation. Collectively they pose the question, in this changing space how can businesses ensure that they are winners?

Thank you to our brilliant speakers and facilitator for sharing their insight to our virtual audience as part of EVCOMference Deconstructed, and to DRPG for hosting us.

If you missed the session, you catch up with a recording of it below:

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