Thank you so much to our inspiring panelists Sara Cooper (Plastic Pictures), Catherine Peters (EVERFI), Rachel Pendered (Media Zoo), Angela Law (Every Sense) and Rebecca Denholm (Embolden), who shared their expertise in a discussion facilitated by Claire Fennelow (EVCOM). They shared their thoughts on gender equality, their own journeys and the corporate film industry in general, in a discussion facilitated by Claire Fennelow (EVCOM).

They spoke about the way that the industry has changed over the years in terms of its relationship to equality and inclusion, and the areas where it still has a way to go. They shared their experiences dealing with stress, mental health, crises of confidence and imposter syndrome, as well their journeys overcoming certain hurdles. They exchanged the best advice they’ve ever been given, and delivered a message to their younger selves that they wished someone had given them at the time.

If you missed it, you can catch up with a recording of the session here:


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