Kids are full of creativity, so Richard Holman kicks off our creativity masterclass by sharing pictures of all the attendees from when they were kids. Today, our group of filmmakers, event organisers and communicators are here to reconnect with their creativity through exercises, discussion and inspiration.

The brain has two modes of thought, analytic and spontaneous. “You need both of these to be creative,” says Richard, but you don’t want to try and use them simultaneously. “Don’t try to create and analyse at the same time. They’re different processes,” he says.

Some people are more creative alone, others when walking. For some it is stillness. Richard recommends finding what works for you and then making time to do it. He encourages surprise, messiness and working on pen and paper. Accidents aren’t something to be afraid of, and in fact can be leant into to help you look beyond the obvious.

Artists and creatives, he says, are either cowboys or farmers. Farmers stay in one place, and work a particular piece of land. Cowboys wander and explore. “You need to be a bit of both,” says Richard. “You need to roam and explore, then become a farmer.”

Over the course of the afternoon we hear takes on creativity from Mozart and David Bowie, Marini Abramovic and Yayoi Kusama. Richard talks our guests through top tips to apply to their own creative practises, inside and outside of work. In small groups, the attendees tackle the tasks he sets for them with enthusiasm and creative thinking. They ideate, invent and draw.

Thank you so much to everyone who joined us and to the brilliant Richard Holman for inspiring our members at this masterclass.

We are hoping to run this masterclass again in the new year. If you’d like to express interest in joining us, please do email


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