For our first webinar of the year, we were delighted to be joined by industry experts Phil McMichael (JL Live), Matt Franks (DRPG), Nick Rosier (2Heads) and Adrian Dickson (Starstruck), to discuss the televisation of events. Covid-19 has forced companies to look for different ways to put on events, celebrate work and share knowledge. The broadcast sphere has seen a huge boom, so we asked our experts to share their advice and top tips for the creation of fantastic events that can be broadcast at a television standard.

The panel exchanged top tips, including the importance of a good host, planning variety into your programme and looking for ways to connect with the audience. They made some fantastic suggestions to tackle budgets, events that are being pivoted and client and audience expectations. All of our panelists agreed on the importance of the live and film side coming together to share their skillsets in this new sphere.

If you missed the session, you can catch up via our recording here:


Accompanying Resources

We asked our panelists to share some examples of their own work as best practise examples:

Starstruck has shared their latest showreel fo work:


2Heads have shared some examples of their work in the hybrid and virtual sphere:

EventHive VX (the 2Heads virtual/hybrid events platform)


Lux Partum interactive light installation (a hybrid experiment)


Airbus at Gamescom (a pre-covid hybrid project)


And a curveball: Twitter plays Pokémon – shake up a predictable format with a fun and unique activation!


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