This week we gathered together filmmakers to discuss the art of telling stories, why they are so important and how to tell them effectively! In a discussion facilitated by Andrew Smith (A-Vision), panelists Emily Clements (Radley Yeldar), Louis Paltnoi (Inspired Films), Jamie Smith (Enterprise Screen) and Danny Baldwin (3angrymen) shared their expertise and work.

Each of our panelists share an example of storytelling that they have created, from brand films to documentary, all of which can be found below. They then went on to talk about how and why we tell stories through film, discussing different methods as well as the importance of human connection and interest. Collectively, they agreed the value of stories, both from a business perspective and from a human perspective. They shared their optimism around stories having the power to help us move forwards in the light of Covid-19, and called for more diverse stories to be told.

You can catch up with the webinar below. Please note that due to a technical issue, the very beginning of the recording was cut off. Thank you for your understanding!


Accompanying Resources

Each of our panelists shared a prime example of storytelling which you can find below:

Jamie Smith (Enterprise Screen) shared two versions of the same film. The first version is a corporate edit, and the second features a personal story. It is a comparison he says he uses a lot to persuade clients of the power of adding a story to their campaign.


Danny Baldwin shared an excerpt from his brilliant and moving new documentary, ‘Sunnyside’.


Emily Clements (Radley Yeldar) shared a film in which her team used a spoken word piece to illustrated the climate crisis and the importance of recycling, called ‘WRAP: Recycle Week 2019’.


Louis Paltnoi (Inspired Films) shared his award winning film ‘Welcome to St Dunstan’s’, which used unscripted interviews to create a narrative as the students progress through the schools, from nursery to graduation.

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