Welcome to the EVCOM Next Gen Area

Welcome to our new EVCOM Next Gen Area! This area is dedicated to young people and people entering our sectors for the first time. Here we collate resources, interviews with industry professionals, opportunities and advice for people at the early stages of their careers or looking to start a career in the corporate film and corporate events sectors.


We will continue to add resources to this area, keeping it fresh and up to date with everything you need to know when starting out in the sector!


If you can’t find the information you need here, let Amelia know and we’ll see what we can do to source it. If you have a resource you’d like to add to this area, then please get in touch with Amelia at amelia.brown@evcom.org.uk



Did you know that the average person will spend 90,000 hrs of their lifetime working? Shadow board member Sophie Evans (Performing Artistes) shares her top tips and advice on how to avoid burnout, especially as a new starter in the workplace. She talks us through how to recognise burnout in yourselves and others, how to combat it when it takes place and how employers and employees can take preventative measures to ensure it doesn’t reach that stage. Plus there’s useful resources at the end of the article, in case you want to do some further reading.

Read the full article here.

Video Resources

Here you can find video content, TikToks and webinars that have either been created by our shadow board (a group of 18-25 year olds who advise EVCOM) or by us with a focus on young people. You can access our full youtube channel here.

Our Partners

This website area is supported by our partner, Searchlight, a media and recruitment firm who offer specialist advice for people looking to get into our industries. It is also supported by our members who offer content and expertise. And last but certainly not least, it is supported by our shadow board who offer feedback and insight to ensure that this space meets the needs of young people. 

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