This week we gathered a panel of Brexit experts, to talk about moving both kit and people around after Brexit. The changes pose problems for filmmakers and event professionals across our industries. From the extra time and money now required to take crew and equipment across, to the differing regulations for each EU country, to the lack of awareness some clients have of the complexity and cost of these processes, it can all feel impossible to get your head around. Our experts joined us to help demystify the regulations, and to share their advice on how best to manage them.

The conversation kicked off around carnets, with Jigna Parmar (Senior Production Manager, Film, Brunswick Creative) talking through some of the practical issues surrounding them. Compiling the necessary carnets used to take an hour, she says. It is now taking about a day and half to check and double check, and depends on the complexity of the shoot. This increase in time can add at least £1k to each shoot. Following the time it takes to put the carnet together, it can then take up to a week to process. Jigna shares the impact of carnets on business and staff, especially when clients don’t understand the complexity and cost caused by Brexit and are unwilling to build this into budgets and timelines.

Rob Booth and Arshad R. Dadabhoy (both IOE&IT Academy Trade & Customs Specialists) emphasise some of the technical considerations, from the intricacies of the application to the obligations of the holder. They discuss Temporary Admission and Duplicate Lists as alternatives to formalities.

Samar Shams (Partner – Immigration & Global Mobility, Spencer West LLP) walks us through the regulations around business visitors to the EU (eligibility, permitted activities and processes), Schengen visas and what to do when a work visa to an EU country is required. Rob and Arshad then flag some great places to keep up to date with regulation and get advice as it changes.

Collectively the group discuss the fundamental impacts of Brexit on business, and how to mitigate against them. They talk about the loss of agility and reputation management when it comes to using local crews the company doesn’t know very well. Attendees asked their questions throughout the session.

Thank you to our brilliant panellists for sharing their expertise in this invaluable session.

If you missed the session, or want a recap, you can catch up via the recording below:


Check out some resources collated by our panellists:

Check out the EU-guides and country guides on, for specific info relating to each country

Sign up to, enter the details of your company and they will then send you updates as and when any changes to process occur to enable you to update your own guidance

You can find a short stay visa calculator here:

Read the DCMS announcement in October re work permit free routes for UK musicians and performers in 20 Member States

Find out about how to start a business in the EU with e-Residency:

Regarding data protection/GDPR, we have an EU & UK Trade agreement. The EU has granted pseudo adequacy meaning that we are not referred to as a 3rd country and are considered a trusted country in terms of passing data back and forth. The deal that is being put in place will then not be reviewed again until 2024. Info can be found at about the ICO code on data sharing. Read more here.

EU Customs offices Reference Data & Customs Offices List (

Moving Goods – Moving your goods to common or EU transit countries – GOV.UK (

Merchandise in Baggage Taking commercial goods out of Great Britain in your baggage – GOV.UK (

Flowchart guide to Europe (musicians union) A Flowchart for Musicians Working in Europe | The MU (

Temporary exports

Alternatives to the ATA Carnet (Require customs declarations, usually submitted by a customs intermediary)

 Dealing with the EU customs border

 General customs information and tools to check export/import conditions

Institute of Export & International Trade


Find out more about our panel of expert speakers here:

Jigna Parmar, Senior Production Manager, Film, Brunswick Creative: Jigna has been with MerchantCantos and the Brunswick Group for 20 years. She leads production management, resourcing and delivery across both Live and Film, setting up complex international shoots, managing suppliers, organising post-production and handling client budgets. Jigna’s project management and technical expertise means she is also adept in providing technical solutions for the delivery of video and digital projects using the optimal medium for clients and their audiences. Some of her key relationships are with PwC, Moody’s, HSBC, Nokia and Standard Chartered.

Samar Shams, Partner – Immigration & Global Mobility, Spencer West LLP: Samar Shams is an immigration and global mobility lawyer at Spencer West LLP. Samar helps businesses access talent and helps individuals live and work where they want. Samar assists companies in setting up in the UK and has particular expertise in sponsorship of skilled workers.

Rob Booth, Academy Trade & Customs Specialist at IOE&IT: Delivery of public training courses and content development, customs and agri-foods consultancy, and tutoring for individuals studying for IOE&IT qualifications

14+ years International Trade experience, public and private sectors.

  • Previously Customs Specialist at life science distribution business in Dorset. Developed UK customs procedures, and UK customs lead for group Brexit project team and European supply chain operations.
  • International Trade services at Chambers of Commerce in Kent and Dorset. Worked with exporters from all sectors, providing advice on export/import procedures and documentation.

Areas of focus includes customs compliance, procedures and documentation for agri-foods, and the GB Border Operating Model

Arshad R.Dadabhoy, IOE&IT Academy Trade & Customs Specialist: 

  • Customs and trade specialist with 20+ years experience
  • 7 years at DIT North West as an International Trade Adviser – supporting SMEs with export advice, strategies and diagnostics
  • Extensive business experience with Middle East and Indian Sub Cont.
  • 10+ years industry experience in polymers and packaging
  • An IOE&IT member since 2014
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