Thank you so much to everyone who joined us for our final webinar of the season. This week we were joined by filmmakers Andrew de Lotbinere (Pukka Films), Nick Howard (Limehouse), Eliot Carroll (Tinderflint) and Jonny Ross (Hamlett Films) to discuss shooting on location in a discussion facilitated by Sian Hamlett (Hamlett Films).

Our panelists shared advice on how to find ideal shooting locations, as well as on how to transform challenging spaces. They pinpointed important considerations such as sound (nearby building sites), too much or too little light and furniture that’s immovable! They recommended working with location scouts and production designers, describing their abilities to find and transform spaces as invaluable. They then went on to share their experiences of shooting within the Covid-19 safety guidelines, and discussed the impact of these guidelines on shooting on location, now and into the future. They agreed that whilst we are seeing a huge amount of film made from home, a potential concern for filmmakers, they don’t believe this trend will last beyond the state of necessity that it has developed in!

If you missed the session, you can catch up via the recording below:


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