This EVCOMference Deconstructed we celebrated the creativity of the corporate film and events industries at two of our in person sessions. The first was entitled ‘Transforming Creativity’ which took place on the 4th May at the House of St Barnabas. Four creative powerhouses: Oliver Addams, (Long Form TV Editor, Karma), Kate Dawkins (Director & Founder, Kate Dawkins Studio), Kevin Palmer (Creative Director, Jack Morton) and Andrew Reid (Board Director, Shelton Fleming), each presented a project they were proud of. From a TV show entirely funded by brands to emotional projections on an iconic London building, the presenters shared a real range of creative work. Both Shelton Fleming and Jack Morton presented projects that had exciting advancements in technology at their heart, firmly aligning technology and creativity. Andrew Smith (A-Vision) then brought the panellists together for a discussion around creative trends and the industry, in which they touched on process, budgets and the role of freelancers.

The following evening we gathered at Starstruck Space for an evening dedicated to the corporate filmmaking world. Three sets of writer/ director duos discussed a project on which they had worked together, sharing their creative process, the challenges and the joys. From robots who paint to screens within screens to unusual uses of VR studios, once again we got to see some amazing and varied projects that had to overcome a range of challenges on their journey to being made. We heard from Steven Hore (Director), Imogen Vallins (Brunswick Group), Nick Canner (The Edge Picture Company), Richard Crombie (Director), Barnaby Logan (Brunswick Group) and Fabia Martin (Director), in a conversation led and facilitated by Sonal R. Patel (Brunswick Group).

Thank you to all the inspiring creatives that shared their work and experiences as part of EVCOMference Deconstructed, and to everyone who joined us as an attendee.

Check out our gallery from the two events so you can experience the night in pictures. Thank you to Leo Wilkinson for being the official photographer of EVCOMference!

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