We are living in a time of transition, with an ever-changing new normal. As companies begin to return to work and furlough periods come to a close, this Mental Health Awareness Week, panelists Gavin Percy (Balancing Edges and EventWell), Colin Bullen (Change Craft) and James Hunter (Hawthorn), discussed mental health and wellbeing in a discussion facilitated by Mark Maher (Boulevard Events and EventWell).

The panel shared their insight on how to prepare for what’s coming during this transition period. They also talked about the importance of being aware of the potential changed needs of our teams, and how to build confidence of colleagues and team-members, especially those who have been furloughed. Finally they shared their own personal learnings so far through this crisis, about how to protect and support mental health and wellbeing, learning that they will be taking into the future.

This EVCOM Sessions was put on in collaboration with EventWell.

Watch the full recording of the webinar here:


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