Thanks so much to our expert panelists and facilitator, and to all who gathered for this week’s session on sustainability. The panel discussed their thoughts on the impact of Covid-19 on the fight for a sustainable events sector both immediately and in the long term. They shared their visions of the future, however certain or uncertain it may be, and stressed the need to adapt. Whilst they talked about the challenges of the current moment and the constant challenges of fighting for sustainability, they also spoke with optimism about the future and sustainability’s place within that. If you missed the session, you can catch up via the below recording.



Accompanying Resources

Shelton Fleming share two discussion papers, the first on sustainability specifically, and the second on virtual and hybrid events:

They’ve also shared several blog posts on the possibilities of the virtual space:

And finally, this survey serves as proof of concept for the above literature:

Rick Stainton’s article on the importance of adaptation to survive is available across several platforms below:

Corporate Events share 10 ways to make your event more sustainable

Eventbrite highlights the possibilities of sustainable events by sharing seven examples

You can view our full virtual programme of EVCOM Sessions here.

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