The UK Top 50 survey is open to corporate filmmakers and is a way to celebrate corporate film agencies and better understand the trends and issues facing the industry. After a hiatus of several years, EVCOM and Moving Image worked together to bring back the survey last year, and are very excited to be doing it again this year! As you’ve been working on your entry, we spoke to The Edge Picture Company, who ranked an impressive second in 2022.

The Edge Picture Company are storytellers with purpose – and they never stand still. They embrace the latest ideas, technology, techniques, and delivery methods to make your project special, whatever the budget. Based in London, Doha, Durban, Vancouver, and Paris, they’ve been working all over the world since 1991, delivering some truly special moments for all kinds of clients: governments, businesses, charities… the works. As well as racking up over 700 international awards to date, they’re incredibly proud to be the only company so far to be named New York Festivals TV & Film Awards’ Production Company of the Year Worldwide (15 years running).

We spoke to their Executive Director Pete Stevenson about the impact their UK Top 50 ranking has had on business, building a client’s trust and films that stop you in your tracks.

What makes a brilliant film? What makes a brilliant film agency?

Does it grab you, stop you in your tracks and make you think? Does it give you an insight into someone else’s experience or emotions? Does it come back to you, way after you’ve seen it for the first time? That’s what makes a brilliant film for me. A brilliant agency is one that can do that consistently over the years, across different styles and sectors.


What did ranking so well in the Top 50 mean to you and the team?

We’re really proud to have been at or near the top of the overall ratings and the Peer Poll for many years. It gives us a great opportunity to say thank you and to celebrate with the talented people at The Edge who make what we do possible.


What has it meant for your business to have that label of industry recognised success next to your name?

It’s important as well to say thank you to our clients. And this recognition reinforces the view our long-standing clients have of us as being trusted to deliver.


This industry is full of fantastic talent. As an award-winning agency, how do you differentiate yourself and your client offering, and keep encouraging your team to produce brilliant and innovative work?

Give people a supportive environment so they can try things out and make mistakes – as long as they learn when they do so. Make sure that among the muck and bullets you still try and have fun!

Find out more about The UK Top 50 and take the survey here.

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