‘Black in the Boardroom:’ 0% of Board Members that Sit on UK Event Trade Bodies and Associations are Black.

This week, The Zoo XYZ released their report ‘Black in the Boardroom’ which explores racial disparities within the UK event industry. The report analysed 16 UK event trade bodies and associations with a focus on Black professionals within these organisations. The data was conclusive, within the 16 UK event trade associations and bodies analysed, there are no Black professionals in senior, board or leadership positions. With an overwhelming 99.1% White majority of senior, board or leadership positions within these organisations, this poses the ultimate question, is diversity, equality and inclusion (DEI) a concern for the UK event industry?

EVCOM welcome the results of this impactful report, and look forward to working towards a more diverse and inclusive sector alongside our fellow organisations. As quoted in the report, Claire Fennelow, EVCOM’s Exec-Director, says, “The statistics in this vital report are unfortunately just as unacceptable as they are unsurprising. This report is an invaluable wakeup call to the industry, to us and to all the bodies who represent this sector. We need to do better, to ensure that people in positions of power and seniority reflect the diverse sector that we are part of. Last year, we put together our own diversity and inclusion commitment, which included promises to offer Black individuals and Black owned/led agencies free membership until the end of 2021, to set up awards recognising young BIPOC filmmakers and event organisers, to run workshops in schools and to set up a shadow board of 18-25 year olds from diverse backgrounds. We held our first meeting of the shadow board this June, and see this a first step towards creating a more representative senior board by the end of 2022. This report is a reminder for us to keep working, and not to stop until we are truly diverse and inclusive organisation, and sector.” 

You can find details of our diversity and inclusion commitment here.

‘YOU POSTED A BLACK SQUARE, NOW WHAT? A year after discussions, social media activism and promises, what has changed?’ ask the creators of the report.

The UK event industry is a multi-billion pound industry that underpins and impacts a  variety of other industries, the economy and employment. In 2015, the UK Government established the Government Event Industry Board which shows that the industry is on the government’s agenda. Raising awareness about DEI and holding the event industry accountable is paramount to the integrity and longevity of the industry.

If Black Lives Matter to you, this report should be of interest!” says Nadu Placca, Founder: The Zoo XYZ.

This report is a demarcation point in time when we can really look at the industry as a whole and say ‘This is when REAL change began,” adds Aaron Raybe, Director of Live Events, Momentum Worldwide.

Black in the Boardroom will provide collaborative tangible solutions to support the UK event industry towards a bid for DEI centring Black professionals and Black-owned businesses.

Download your free copy of the report here.

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