It’s no secret that in the last year, we have seen a wealth of animation being made in the corporate film world, in response to the Covid-19 restrictions. In light of this, we have been working closely with Dean Beswick (Gorilla Gorilla!) to make sure the EVCOM London Film Awards recognise animation appropriately.

Our historic animation category is dedicated to rewarding excellence and creativity in the craft of animation. However this year the entries, once received, will be separated and judged within the following categories:

Category ONE: Motion graphics / animated infographics

2D or 3D animation of graphic elements, such as illustration or typography. May also incorporate or be combined with live action footage and/ or photography.

Category TWO: Character-lead animation

2D or 3D animation where the use of character(s) or character animation is central to the idea.

Category THREE: VFX/ visual effects animation

Animated elements realistically created in 3D space. Might be incorporated into live action footage or a standalone piece.

Category FOUR: Traditional animation

Animation that uses traditional techniques such as stop motion.


We hope that these categories recognise a wider scope of animation, allowing work from across this spectrum to shine. We are really looking forward to seeing the best of animation, from VFX to character-centred storytelling.

Find out more about the EVCOM London Film Awards, and enter here.

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