Live communication is needed more than ever right now given the escalating situation that has forced most businesses to go ‘online’, many unprepared or equipped to do so. Continuous communication with teams, employers and suppliers is vital and the digital environment is a great space for promoting the use of technology for virtual events.

Live events isn’t just about the face-to-face experience, the ecosystem of ‘live’ includes the use of production equipment and services such as staging, scenery, sound, lighting, video, special effects, transport, packaging, comms, and speakers to convince live audience members that there is no better place to be than in that moment.

Virtual events needn’t be death by PowerPoint. If you take into account all the other elements that make ‘live’ so special, you have the opportunity to really engage your audience with creativity and innovation. Branding this ‘virtual experience’ as a live broadcast helps to dispel any preconceived notions that the experience will be passive, thus revitalising a channel once regarded as the budget alternative to the face-to-face event.

The current situation is ever changing and no doubt our industry has taken the brunt of its wrath. Whilst we all face uncertainty, I do believe that we will come out the other side of this stronger, more resilient, and better placed to continually adapt and manage our clients. Like many recessions and hard times before, our industry will bounce back with even more ingenious ways to deliver the power of communications.

Dale Parmenter, CEO, DRPG

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