Expanding beyond its typical usage – a narrative structure can revitalize any type of corporate video content.

Storytelling has the power to move people, and companies have long utilized the format to connect with audiences. Common targets for narrative elements include promotional and commercial content where the structure excels at making companies memorable and relatable – but its capability to create context, stir anticipation and immerse viewers can support any type of corporate aim. Here we’ll discuss just a few of the many ways narrative video can revamp your company’s communications.

Product Demos

Product demos often suffer from being too abstract. When removed from context, rather than being a solution to someone’s real life problem, a product becomes isolated. By recreating the actual environment in which your product will be used, not only are you taking potential customers through a journey in which their problem is addressed and solved, but you’re showcasing that you understand your audience and their current situation. The stories you tell can be real testimonies from other customers too, helping people feel at ease and allowing them to build up an authentic idea of the service or product you’re providing.

Event Videos

Detailing a past event with a matter-of-fact approach will give people a hard time conceptualizing it – and for those who want to relive the experience or didn’t get to attend, an event video should feel just as impactful and immersive. Doing that requires crafting a narrative structure that’ll show people not just clips of the event, but the entire picture – what inspired it, its place along your company’s timeline, and what it achieved afterwards. With storytelling, your event isn’t just a nebulous moment in time, it’s a grounded part of your company’s history, creating connection and hype towards what’s next.


Narrative elements are often used to connect with potential customers, but those same techniques excel within the recruitment space too. As jobseekers continue to place further importance on company culture, showcasing your values in an authentic way is paramount. Through a narrative structure, you can detail the type of partnership you’re hoping to build, and, by sharing stories of employees in the same position, give jobseeker’s a greater idea of whether your company is the right fit.

No matter the corporate aim, Synima are experts at utilizing narrative elements to bring your idea to its full potential.

If you’re in search of broadcast-quality video designed to connect with audiences and tell your story authentically, feel free to contact us at hello@synima.com.

First published: The Creative Scope of Narrative Video – Synima

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