EVCOM member 3angrymen Productions have rebranded to Nowadays, a name they feel befits their growth and evolution as a company over the past few years.

Managing Director Thom Wood says, “After 15 years of making films as 3angrymen Productions, we’ve decided to rebrand and change our name. Like many, we’ve seen the turbulence of the last few years as an opportunity to take stock, to rethink and to re-evaluate – about who we are, what matters most to us, how we’ve already changed and how we want to move the company forward.


Some things haven’t changed. We have always and will always put ‘making films that matter’ at the heart of what we do – but at the same time, we’ve expanded our horizons, matured and evolved as a team, which led us to the conclusion that we had truly outgrown the name 3angrymen, and that the time was right for something new. Something better. That’s why we’re rebranding: to better reflect who we are and everything we want to do. And that’s why we’ve chosen a brand new name: Nowadays. 
Nowadays is the way we work – it’s a name that is implicitly adaptable, that will forever move with the times. Nowadays is our brilliant in-house team and clients – switched on and sensitive to the issues of today. And Nowadays is the content we create – socially conscious and culturally relevant, produced with a modern audience in mind.” 

We are really excited to see what the future holds for Nowadays!

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