This month’s member feature article is all about new and unusual technology. We asked our members to send us projects that used tech innovatively, or showcased the new technology people are creating. From technology that promotes sustainability to technology that is overcoming ‘the impossible’, dangerous tech to creative tech, this member feature article is packed with inspiring projects for you to have a look at.

Check out our showcase below:

Legacy Events offer online platform to help event planners source sustainably


The Legacy Marketplace is our unique online platform to help event planners source sustainable products, venues and services for their events. It aims to connect and empower anyone in the events industry who wants to create successful, sustainable events and facilitate a positive change in the world. We think it is an essential tool for event planners at a time when the fight on climate change is increasing in urgency and the event industry is looking to how they can help in the battle.

We organised a conference last week where delegate name badges, lanyards and exhibition stand, popup banners were sourced from the Legacy Marketplace. Check out the Legacy team with these name badges and lanyards made from recycled card, and below, sustainable popup banners, made from PEFC certified, Finnish pine and recyclable, PVC-free, banner graphic material.


Inspired Films highlight cutting edge technology overcoming impossibility in this film series

The following series of  films formed part of our multi-award-winning campaign series for Merck, “The Next Great Impossible”. We were tasked with finding unique, ground-breaking, compelling stories from scientists whose work had the capacity to change the world, literally.

We identified five scientists around the world that are doing awe inspiring work, all at the cutting edge of scientific endeavour, all verging on what might have been seen as impossible until recently, all on the cusp of major success commercially, and crucially all of whom had the vital ingredients of entrepreneurship, determination in the face of adversity and creative brilliance.

From making edible food protein from electricity and thin air, to creating a new remote medical adhesive that could replace sutures, developing the next generation of microcomputers to growing bone and cartilage in a lab, the profiled technology and its potential future impact was on the next level.

Any of the 120 stories we uncovered merited a deeper profile (shortlisting the films to select the “best” five was probably the hardest part of the project). However, the biggest takeaway for us was the simple fact that there is currently an army of talented, unsung scientific heroes quietly going about their brilliant business, changing the world and achieving the next great impossible.

The films won several Golds at the 2021 EVCOM Film Awards, as well as a Cannes Corporate TV and Film Silver trophy.

Next Great Impossible: Solar Foods – Making Food Out Of Thin Air


Next Great Impossible: Dr Anna Regoutz – Inspiring the next generation of Nanocomputers


Next Great Impossible: Dr Terry Steele – Replacing Medical Sutures


Next Great Impossible: Dr Sarindr Bhumiratana – Growing Body Parts In A Lab 


We are immensely proud of these films and are currently working on Season 2, so watch this space…


Gavin Buxton Knight creates a documentary and podcast about a cyber security incident


I researched, wrote & directed this piece for CTN. It’s my favourite piece of work this year! It is an extraordinary project analysing a real cyber security incident where malware took over a petrochemical plant’s safety systems.  My documentary is about 20mins long, includes dramatic reconstruction & contains sensitive information about cyber warfare & how the client’s plants are operated & controlled. It’s for internal use only, but I am able to share is these BTS stills which give you a sneak peek into the project. The good news is the hackers were thwarted and a disaster was prevented.

The project was so successful I made a longer podcast about these issues for all staff, which has gone down a treat too. Find out more about the project here.


A world first: DRPG combine innovative technologies to completely change the way they host events


Last month DRPG hosted its annual thought leadership event, Bigtalk, where Creative Technologist Nick Fagan hosted the world’s first demonstration of two cutting edge pieces of technology in harmony.

Imagine being able to present, in real time and in one space, to delegates in multiple languages, or provide audio description to delegates who are sight impaired. Now imagine having one presentation showcase different branded elements specific to audiences’ locations and preferences. That’s exactly what DRPG showcased. “It’s an evolution in hybrid events, which helps us manage how disparate groups come and interact together,” said Nick.

Using the Ghost Frame, a single LED wall that receives multiple inputs for different languages, the camera captures one or more sets of images while the naked eye only sees one – allowing presentations to showcase different content to different audiences, even if they are in one space.

The HOLOPLOT uses spatial filtering to steer sound to precise places. This can even be targeted down to one individual. A single keynote presentation could be delivered simultaneously in several languages all in one space, those in predetermined targeted locations within the room will hear a specific audio output different to the person next to them.

The result of this collaboration? A complete rewrite of how we plan events to be inclusive of all audiences.

More information on the collaboration:


Thank you so much to our members for submitting these inspiring projects they’ve been creating!

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