So, work experience, it’s a tough one. It can be an arduous process finding a placement that suits you, develops your skills, and is relevant to your field of interest. Nevertheless, finding somewhere that ticks all your boxes can quickly come to fruition if you follow a few basic yet helpful tips that I have applied during my search: 

Get in contact with as many places as possible. The more emails you send out and calls you make, the higher your chances are of finding at least one placement that fits your needs. 

In terms of location, start off local and gradually work your way out based upon the responses you receive. The closer to home the better!  

Utilise your links and contacts. Enquire with family and friends about where they work or people they know, and see if any of them would be willing to discuss a placement with you. More times than not this is better than repetitive emails as the people you’re talking to know your personality and skills. This increases your chances as companies are often more comfortable offering you work experience when they know you as a person, or you’ve been recommended. 

Lastly, show off! Be confident and assertive in how you present yourself to the companies you’re contacting. Emphasise why you deserve to be given a placement over everyone else and how the placement would benefit both yourself and them. 

In a nutshell, these are the sort of things that I know I thought about and put into practice whilst researching and contacting which ultimately allowed me to have my work experience here at EVCOM. EVCOM’s vibrancy, versatility and overall positivity as a modern and exciting company is what initially attracted me to them. I have thoroughly enjoyed my week here, and have used the experience as a catalyst in the development of my social, professional and practical skills. 

So, wherever you gain a placement, soak everything up and use it to your advantage in the future. But also, just make sure enjoy it! 

By Sam McShane

EVCOM had the pleasure of welcoming work experience student Sam to spend the week with us. He worked across a range of administrative, writing and designing tasks for us, as well as helping at the EVCOM Clarion Awards, checking tickets, helping set up and generally supporting the team. It was great to have him with us.

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