Stress Matters, of whom EVCOM are a partner, have put together an overview of awareness days this 2022.  From Blue Monday to Mental Health Awareness Week, to days that spotlight grief, suicide and carers, there’s so much to take note of this year. These days are opportunities to raise awareness around different elements of mental health, and celebrate certain groups such as the LGBTQIA+ community during Pride month. It’s a chance to engage your team, through workshops, talks and content, in the issues being brought up by these awareness days. And it’s also a chance to check in with and listen to your team to ensure that their mental health is supported in the workplace.

In the middle of every month, Stress Matters will be sending over the next month’s in-depth calendar so that you are prepared for what is coming up. To receive their monthly updates please subscribe here.

If you need some ideas of ways to spread awareness of the above or would like their suggestions for a workshop that would be appropriate, then please drop the Stress Matters team an email for their support and advice. You can contact Amy from the team here:


Stress Matters helps employers reduce stress in their team. They offer insights into workplace wellbeing and support services to reduce the cost.

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