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Steve Garratt, Founder – The Giggle Group

I created Giggle (a production agency based in Bristol) to create content that made my clients smile. A bold claim and something we strive to achieve in everything we do, the way we work, the way we talk to our clients and the way we interact with each other. Why? Because Giggle is about creating films that emotional engage with audiences and to do that we have to emotional engage with each other first. That doesn’t make our films funny but we do strive for those penny drop moments, when the ideas fall into place where the audience are rewarded for there time with a sense of understanding and knowing. That is what makes us different.

I trained as a theatre director and it was whilst working with large groups of actors that i really began to understand the power of emotional engagement and how it can aid with the retention of information. The actors would always learn the scenes that they “got” first, the ones with the big argument, the emotional outbursts – this was because they are the easiest to remember. When I started working on Corporate Films, Live events and Conferences I realised that 90% of the audience was disconnected from the message because they weren’t emotionally invested or engaged in what they were watching. So I started to add theatre into my events, create moments of anticipation or excitement in the short films or animations, and always have a surprise up your sleeve for the finale.

At Giggle we use these principles to create short impactful communication and marketing films that can drive real change in your organisation and whats more we can prove it using analytics and simple measuring tools before and after campaigns.

If you would like to learn more about our methods and how we can help you get your messages out to your employees and create a real change in your business please contact me. I can’t wait to hear your story.

The Giggle Group