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Scott Horsfield, Freelance Specialist

Our industry is at a very interesting juncture.  The scope of what we do is expanding and there are more and more entrants from differing backgrounds.  As a freelance producer (film) working across the sector from in-house and large agencies to small production companies, I’m in a privileged position to view these developments and ensure EVCOM remains relevant and informed.

I have been an EVCOM member since 2011, have been on trade missions, regularly attended events, and proposed and developed the first freelance ‘Meet the Production Company’ forum.

Along with providing proper representation of freelance members to the board, I will work to unite the freelance base and as a board member I will:

  • Develop a regular freelancer survey to highlight best practices covering the not so talked about rates/terms issue, so production companies and freelancers are aware of what their peers are up to.
  • Improve the freelance directory so production companies use it as a destination to easily find world-class freelancers. In my experience production companies and freelancers do want to meet, but the timing isn’t always right.  A more organised and promoted directory would help let production companies know what talent is available from within the trusted EVCOM community.
  • Lobby for a freelancer award at the EVCOM Screen and Live awards to recognise the contribution of the freelance community to supporting the industry.