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Rachel Pendered, Managing Director, Media Zoo

One of the things I love about EVCOM is that it does not discriminate. After just six months of membership my company Media Zoo was named EVCOM Production Company of the Year 2016. This was against stiff competition from much bigger and more established agencies. It shows that EVCOM has the power to promote, reward and award everyone- even the little girl or guy- and that is where my focus will lie.

I have four key priorities:

To promote the interests of small agencies and freelancers and ensure they continue to get a fair crack at the whip when it comes to awards, events and promotion.

To passionately champion increased membership, so that all members have a chance to network and promote themselves to key players in the industry.

To promote creative and technological innovation in our industry and celebrate those who are spearheading it.

To ensure that there is a strong female voice promoting diversity within the organisation at every opportunity.