By Susie Holm

EVCOM Shadow Board member and Production Assistant at The Edge Picture Company Susie Holm interviewed her colleagues working in Producer roles – Fitz Honger, Hannah Jenkins and Angelina Pekova – about their journey’s in the industry so far, how they got into corporate film and what they love about their work!


What is your job title?

Fitz: Associate Producer

Hannah: Creative Producer

Angelina: Producer


Tell us a little bit about you before you were at The Edge.

Fitz: I started in Broadcast television where I cut my teeth in the media world. It was a great experience and learnt a lot. I’ve been at different agencies working with really talented people.

Hannah: As a massive book worm, I’ve loved stories in any form my whole life and started writing my own after graduating from crayon scribbling (owing to the fact I was 5, they weren’t exactly masterpieces, but my mum liked them). I maintained a creative ambition throughout school and studied Creative Writing at university. Then, to avoid getting a grown-up job, I moved to Florida to work at Walt Disney World for a year where I was lucky enough to be able to share British culture and stories with guests from around the world and teach people the fine art of afternoon tea.

Angelina: I studied film at Roehampton University, and the Edge was my first proper full-time job in film (outside of a few FL gigs).


Tell us about your Edge journey.

Fitz: The Edge has been a great experience; you get to work on some many different projects. I started as a Production Manager and now been promoted to Associate Producer. Learning a lot from each producer I worked with.

Hannah: I started on a temporary contract as an assistant to the Creative Department, then after passing my probation period I was offered a full-time position. Since then, my responsibility has grown from assisting the team to writing full pitches for our clients and scriptwriting. In 2023 I was promoted to Creative Producer which is my current role.

Angelina: It’s a great company to learn & grown within, I started as a runner and worked up to a producer. Lots of opportunities available and the people are truly amazing.


Why corporate?

Fitz: It’s a new space in media that I hadn’t been in before. So it has been interesting to see the similarities and differences.

Hannah: I didn’t realise corporate film was as big an industry as it is until I found The Edge, so there’s been a lot of learning on the job. When applying for the role, I looked into the company and found some films on their website where I saw just how creative and impactful corporate film can be.

Angelina: It was my first job post university, and I just landed in the corporate world.


What about your work do you enjoy the most?

Fitz: Producing, it’s one of the reasons I got into media for. Working with a great crew it’s such a rewarding feeling.

Hannah: I love when we get to do something completely surprising.

Angelina: Travelling (mostly pre-covid), it’s not a normal 9-5, we get to go out to film in different places, meet different people.


What do you find most challenging in your position?

Fitz: When you can to the 5th round of feedback on a job and you’re trying to crack it.

Hannah: Writing is hard and sometimes the ideas just don’t come. Learning to take breaks and change gears is key to working through this.

Angelina: Just the constant last minutes changes to schedules, budgets, etc. You need to make sure you are one step ahead at all times.


Can you talk a little bit about your expectations of working in this industry and how they differ from reality?

Fitz: I am not sure I had too many expectations. I guess when you start you think you’re going to be constantly on set but there is a lot of work that goes into it beforehand.

Hannah: I had very little film experience coming into the industry, so I started out with an open mind.

Angelina: Everyone is welcome to join. Don’t be afraid! When I was started, a lot of my shoots were very male heavy, I was often the only early 20s female, mixed with middle aged guys on set. It was very daunting – but whatever situation you are in, always remember that your voice and opinion matters just as much as everyone else’s. Don’t be afraid to speak up and contribute.


Can you talk a little bit about what you think the future of the industry looks like (in general and directly related to the rise of AI etc)?

Fitz: I think the future is going to be even more niche with content dedicated directly to your taste. With AI content will be tailored by your suggestions as well as your habits.

Hannah: AI is as exciting as it is terrifying but as an industry I think we’ll always have the upper hand. There’s a lot of worry that it will replace us in what we do but as humans we’re incredibly adaptable, if we learn to use it to our advantage, it’s only going to push us to be better.

Angelina: It’s a little scary with AI emerging, but we just need to make sure it doesn’t completely take over, the best ideas do come from real humans!


What are your career goals for the future?

Fitz: Simply to direct and produce my own creative material.

Hannah: Since joining Zinc Media, our horizons have expanded. I would love to learn more about the TV side of the industry.

Angelina: It’s hard to have goals when you’re already so amazing, haha kidding. To just keep evolving and learning about the wonderful world of Producing, and all it has to offer!


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