Every year EVCOMference boasts an exciting, thought provoking and varied programme of talks, panel discussions and creativity-focused sessions. The programme is specifically designed for digital, live events and film teams and is suitable for senior leaders and the people who are powering businesses, as well as those who are earlier on in their careers.

EVCOMference 2023: The Business of Creativity Summit is a perfect way to kickstart your year with a massive injection of creative inspiration, advice and words of wisdom from some of THE leading players in our industries. Plus it offers the chance to reconnect with your colleagues, co-workers and fellow communications professionals. With so many still working from home, some full time and others part time, EVCOMference offers an important staff development opportunity for people at all levels of your business.

You can view the full programme, check out our roster of speakers and get your tickets here.

And if you’re still not convinced yet we’ve got 10 good reasons why you should join us – 5 big and 5 small!

5 BIG reasons why you should attend:

  • Big hitters Steve Quah (Cheerful 21st), Richard Bridge (Top Banana) and Rob King (Client Key) will be pressed as to how you get, and retain, long-term clients who want to produce great work.
  • Oliver Atkinson (Casual), Felicia Asiedu (Cvent) and Michael Gietzen (Identity) will be quizzed and prodded by Martin Fullard for their thoughts on the trends that we’ll be welcoming this and coming years.
  • Be prepared to be wowed by award winning work and hear from the creators how they did it, why they did it and how YOU can do it. We Are Tilt, Jack Morton, CTL Communications, HeeHaw, JL Live and DRPG will be very generously sharing their creative processes.
  • Learn how to win at social media, how best to approach storytelling for clients where stories are hard to find and how to get creative with client relationships. And understand how you can move the dial forward when it comes to diversity, sustainability and tech.
  • And then there’s our brilliant keynote speakers. Not just one, but TWO of them. David Bodanis will be speaking on the art of fairness and Richard Holman will be changing the way you get ideas.


5 additional smaller but still very important reasons to attend:

  • Nothing beats being in the room listening, sharing, debating, questioning…
  • Start the year invigorated by hearing from and seeing the best.
  • Understand what your peers are thinking about, worrying about, excited about. Is it the same as you?
  • Remind yourself why you love what you do.
  • It’s taking place at ExCel – on the Elizabeth line. Super easy!


Find out more and book your tickets here.

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