Today we welcomed film production agencies to Close-Up Cinema in Shoreditch for the UK Top 50 Reveal event! Steve Garvey, the lead researcher on the UK Top 50, spoke about the methodology behind the creation of this ranking and then announced our winners!

The UK Top 50 returns for the 2024 edition with a strong and competitive field of leading production companies in brand video and corporate film.

Data tells a story. By researching the most successful producers in the UK, we can identify trends in this creative sector of the UK screen industries. The findings guide brand comms professionals, whose budgets finance the work, towards best practice, benchmarks and talent. They also enable researchers at institutions such as the BFI to assess the major players and track the emergence of new talent.

This report is an independent and objective analysis, driven by data. While subjective assessment has a valuable place in other approaches such as awards competitions, our approach strives to measure the most successful businesses in brand video and corporate film by market intelligence alone.


We used the same methodology as the 2022 edition to provide consistent comparisons year on year, with one technical change. This year, points awarded to each producer reflected not only their position in the rankings, but also the extent to which they scored above or below their competitors. This method generated a more accurate ranking and identified standout performances in any one of the four weighted categories.

The UK Top 50 only considers performance for film and video work commissioned by organisations in the private, public and not for profit sectors. It excludes advertising and work for entertainment, such as broadcasting and streaming platforms. Work by in-house teams will be the subject of a separate report.

Many of the producers in the tables provide a wider range of services in digital and live communications.

More than 60 data points were used to assess each production business. These were categorised and verified by random testing against public data. Our advisory panel reviewed draft results and offered independent guidance.

Source data is from 2023, including producers’ most recent full year accounts and awards competitions from January to December 2023. The survey for producers’ responses was open between late November 2023 and January 2024.

The Ranking

  1. Casual
  2. DRPG
  3. The Edge
  4. RD Content
  5. Brunswick Creative
  6. Radley Yeldar
  7. Plastic Pictures
  8. Media Zoo
  9. WING
  10. Quite Frankly
  11. Gorilla Gorilla!
  12. Pukka Films
  13. Synima (formerly Shoot You)
  14. Fortemus Films
  15. Pretzel Films
  16. wtv.
  17. Starstruck
  18. We Are Tilt
  19. Big Button
  20. Taylor Made Media
  21. Affixxius
  22. Heehaw
  23. Studio Giggle
  24. Liquona
  25. Rocking Horse Pictures
  26. Kaptcha
  27. Inspired Films
  28. Speakeasy
  29. nrg
  30. Cheerful Twentyfirst
  31. Brickwall
  32. Ark Media Productions
  33. Dreaming Fish Productions
  34. BearJam Productions
  35. CH Video Ltd
  36. Reels in Motion
  37. Nowadays
  38. Inner Eye Productions
  39. Kinura
  40. Vox Pops International
  41. CASA Creative Studio
  42. lri
  43. Frantic
  44. Vermillion Films
  45. Zing Films
  46. MGV Productions
  47. Clockhouse Productions
  48. Bouche Media
  49. Humanoid Productions
  50. JB Productions

It was a pleasure to announce the results, and discuss the findings with out winners at the Reveal event. Thank you to everyone who joined us to our brilliant headline sponsor Tysers and our event sponsor ACrew4U who make all of this possible.

Get all the insight, and download the full report, here.

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