Both the corporate film and events industries straddle two spaces: one is all about business (the financial side, the client side, the new business side) and one is all about creativity (beautiful films, remarkable events, memorable campaigns). For our 2022 EVCOMference we wanted this duality of the industry to be represented in our programme. That’s why this EVCOMference sits across these two topic areas as well.

The programme has been organised to reflect this. The first half of the day is business focused, looking to the year ahead, discussing trends, budgets, client relationships and so on. We will be hearing from agency leaders, clients and industry experts. The second half of the day is dedicated to creativity. We will be discuss how to make great creative work, and showcase examples of award-winning work, as well as looking at creative approaches to some of the key issues affecting our sector such as sustainability and DEI. We will be hearing from creative powerhouses, innovative thinkers and subject specialists.

The day has been designed to cater to Senior Leaders as much as to the next generation of event professionals and filmmakers. The audience will come together for our keynote sessions, delivered by writer David Bodanis and creative Richard Holman, as well as for key panel sessions. In the middle of the day there will be a series of breakout sessions, to offer people options depending on their areas of interest.

This is a conference for business leaders and creative thinkers, that is all about addressing that intersection which is innate to the corporate film and events industries.

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