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Call for Research Participants: “Qualifying the use and influence of blogger and social media influencers in B2C events” 

The University of Greenwich are conducting research into the use of social media influencers in B2C events and are currently searching for research participants to contribute to this study.

To participate please contact:  Jessica Templeton, Senior Lecturer, University of Greenwich, 020 8331 9893 or Rose Garton, Research Student BA Events Management, University of Greenwich,

Participants would come from companies (both PR and Production) that have used social media influencers and bloggers at business to consumer events within the last 12 months.  The researchers are aiming to conduct at least 20 interviews.  Please note: all participation is anonymised.

Interviews are already being conducted and should be completed by March 12th.  Interviews will be 30 – 45 mins in duration and can take place at your office for your convenience.

The aim of this research is to provide an understanding of the use of Social Media Influencers (SMIs) in B2C events. The research applies the theories of consumer-brand relationship marketing to assess the impact of SMIs on the designed event experience and consumer outcomes related to event brand equity.


The findings of this research will be shared with industry professionals at EVCOMference 2018 and academically through conference presentation and academic journal publication.


The conversation will be directed along the following themes:

Reasoning:  Why do you use influencers at your events? Difference between SMI and Celebrity Endorsements 

Influencer Sponsorship: Identify, Qualify, FIT, Approach

Event Production: Event Inclusion/Design, Extra Value, No Access/Access

Difficulties: SMI Clash, Brand Clash, Geographical Location

Motivation/Interaction: Attendance, Engagement

Measuring Outcomes: Customer Interaction/Engagement (Pre, During, After), Perception, Relationship, Intention to Purchase/Repurchase, Difference in events before use and now

SMI Relationship: Continuation or One off, Ongoing influence, Engagement