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#EVCOMference 18

Thursday 17th May was a day to remember for EVCOM members as we welcomed back our annual EVCOMference.

We were honored as Sir Peter Bazalgette, Craig Fenton and Wayne Garvie shared their insight with us. The Founders agreed to imagine for us, their agency of the future. The Clients’ agreed to share their growth stories with us and we agreed to show how creativity (regardless of technology) will always be the ultimate agency USP and how to best to nurture it.

We know now that the creative industries are growing twice as fast as the rest of the economy (source DCMS) with a GVA of £91.8 billion with that trend set to continue. But, in the dawning of this new age of the “blended” agency, client expectations of UK-based agencies are, quite rightly, sky high.

When you’re on top of your game; you change your game. Always.” – Craig Fenton (Google)