The EVCOM Senior Board is made up of professionals from across the corporate film, events and comms industries. They offer their expertise and insight to help us shape EVCOM’s offering and meet the needs of our community.

To kick off the new year, we asked each of them to share a statement with the industry. Hear from them below. Find out more about all of our Senior Board members here, on our new ‘Meet the EVCOM Board‘ page.

Sonal R. Patel – Partner, Group Head of Creative – Brunswick Group and Board Chair says, “I’m excited to sink my teeth into the Chair role for EVCOM. Despite the challenges faced by our industry, we’re poised for a transformative year. Our focus remains unwavering: to celebrate and accelerate the success of creative industries across the UK. We’re dedicated to nurturing young talent and championing creativity and storytelling. And, our commitment extends beyond EVCOM—to unite and strengthen the entire sector. This year, our goal is clear: to elevate EVCOM as a driving force for success and innovation, shaping a future where creativity knows no limits. We can only achieve this in collaboration with our members and anticipate working more closely with each of you.” 

Andrew Smith – Creative Director – A-Vision says, “EVCOM brings all of the players in film, video and live events together. I have been on the board for over 15 years and extremely proud to be a part of it. EVCOM plays a pivotal role in ensuring that our work maintains high standards of quality and ethical conduct. By advocating for our collective interests, organising recognition through awards, and facilitating knowledge-sharing, it contributes significantly to the growth, professionalism, and resilience of our collective industries.” 

Anna Green – Managing Director – Broadsword Event House says, “The success of any organisation depends on its ability to learn and grow, and tackling the skills gap at grass roots level must be our ongoing concern. Prioritising learning and development encourages individuals to be curious and continually self-develop, both professionally and holistically. The world of work is evolving faster than ever, and programmes such as apprenticeships are an invaluable tool to develop a workforce with skills that are matched to a company’s future needs.” 

Dale Parmenter – CEO – DRPG says, “Our industry is built on collaboration and communication, I strongly believe across the channels we operate we sometimes need to put aside the competitiveness and work together to create a strong voice for our sector, develop new talent and raise standards of sustainability,  creativity and innovation. This is why believe EVCOM has a vital part to play and why I support the organisation.” 

Gaye Bennett – Executive Producer – Radley Yeldar says, “I’m proud to be able to create film content that changes behaviour and opinions and that makes a difference. I love producing content that not only embraces D&I, but also champions accessibility, sustainability, and the power of authentic human stories, as I really do believe in the transformative impact talking about these values has on the audience.” 

Julie (Jules) Sander  – Film and Content Executive | Seasoned Producer/Director | BACP Registered Coach/Therapist | Specialist in Responsible Business and Neurodiversity says, “It has been a rewarding experience to contribute to the EVCOM board over the past four years, including a two-year term as Chairperson. In that time, I’ve been delighted to help facilitate the initiation of our shadow board, which feels like a significant development. While I highly value the wisdom and ideas of our experienced board members, I believe embracing new voices is crucial for our growth and development. Research underscores the importance of diversity in successful organisations, extending beyond race and gender (although, of course, this remains a priority). It involves providing a platform for the ideas of the next generation to shine through and be heard. This inclusive approach is paramount for the evolution of our industry. We need to foster new talent, creating workplaces that are both inclusive and responsible, ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to thrive.” 

Lindsay Jameson – Account Director – Seven Events says, “Communicating in a variety of different ways has never been more important. Giving audiences a choice in how they connect with each other, and your message, allows us to create a bespoke event experience where they can choose their own journey.” 

Tim Langford – Writer-Director – Tim Langford Film says, Freelancers are resourceful, tenacious, adaptable and deserving of respect – especially when times are hard – so please treat them well; they will repay you tens times over.” 

Tom Hurley – Head of Events & Studios – LSEG says, “Our world of events and film production is really rewarding but can be tough work. As we battle with the ever-changing landscape of technology, budgets, channels and content, the power of a network can be a real lifeline to share, collaborate and support each other. EVCOM brings together some of the best in the business and I’m proud to be a part of it.”

We look forward to working with our Board this year to ensure EVCOM continues to meet the needs of our membership, and fight for our industry.

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