We are really excited to announce our new Chair and Board members this week. Taking up the position of Chair is Julie Sander (Sequel Group) who is a current member of the EVCOM Board.

Joining the Board are:

Hayley Greaves (Ashfield Healthcare)

Lindsay Jameson (Seven Events)

Sonal Patel (Merchant Cantos)

Tom Hurley (Liberty Global)

EVCOM are looking forward to working with our new Board Members and are delighted to welcome them into EVCOM. Working alongside our existing Board members we are excited about what the future holds for EVCOM going into 2022. We, as an organisation, achieve so much more with an active, supportive Board and we are hugely grateful for their ongoing commitment, creativity and drive.

Our new Chair Julie says, “I am absolutely delighted to take on the role of EVCOM’s Board Chair. Charlotte, I think I will have a lot to live up to!


I understand that every couple of years the chair of EVCOM moves between someone with a background in events and someone with a background in film. I’ve worked in film for over 20 years, I stated as a freelance runner, I’ve been a researcher, producer/director in factual television and then producer/director for government and NHS films. I’ve worked in house setting up an internal film offering within a national charity and now work with the employee engagement agency Sequel Group. So I really do have experience of every area of the industry that our members join us from. It used to be that you stayed in one area, you were broadcasting, or corporate, people didn’t move across both, but times have changed. 


I’ve been excited to work with EVCOM on the board for the last year as we’ve navigated the changes during lockdown, more UGC, less live shoots, but we’re seeing things coming back now, there’s a new buzz. And I am personally so pleased to see the next generation coming up through the shadow board, the people who are going to shape our industry as it keeps moving forwards. Given the scale of change in the last 20 years, who knows what the next 20 years will hold?


But I’m proud to be at the heart of our industry right now, at such an interesting time, and chair of EVCOM working with Claire, Amelia and all of the board as we navigate and lead the way.” 


We’d also like to say a huge thank you to our departing Board members: Paul Stoddardt (CWT), Toby Low (Merchant Cantos) and Angelee Rathor (Seven Events), and to Charlotte Gentry who is stepping down as Chair but will still remain part of the EVCOM Board. Thank you all for your invaluable contribution to EVCOM over the years, for helping to shape what we do and who we are – we couldn’t do it without you!

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