This EVCOMference we are welcome not just one keynote speaker, but two, to share their expertise with you. We have chosen these keynote speakers for their creative approaches to business, to fairness, to ideas. We hope they will inspire you.

Below you can find out more about our two keynote addresses which are taking place as part of the EVCOMference programme on the 2nd February at ExCel London.

The Art of Fairness with David Bodanis

Speaker, writer and author of ‘The Art of Fairness’ David Bodanis is going to tell you three stories. Each is about a creative organisation, each touches on creativity, business and fairness. Each has a practical takeaway. David will be using examples from the Olympics to the NHS, Danny Boyle to American basketball, to help you think about ego (and putting it aside), teamwork, pace and creative solutions in the face of uncertainty and time pressure.

Great Ideas (and Where to Find Them) with Richard Holman

Great ideas are elusive. Hunt around for them in the obvious places and you’ll end up with obvious ideas. To capture a truly original, remarkable, paradigm shifting concept you have to think differently about the way you think.

In this inspirational – and practical – session creativity expert Richard Holman will take you on a deep dive into your default neural network to explore the source of human creativity; and he’ll traverse the worlds of neuroscience, art, literature and music to uncover a series of counterintuitive strategies to help you in your own pursuit of great ideas.

What would happen if you worked less hard, made more mess, had more accidents, and invited more dissent from your team? Find out in this thought provoking session.

You can view the full programme, and get your tickets, here.

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