EVCOM are delighted to have been awarded an ‘Anything’s Possible’ Award by DRPG for our work in the Diversity and Inclusion space. The winners were selected based on how they have needed to pivot and adapt over the last 15 months and in turn the awards recognised those who had achieved great things as businesses, but also those who have done wonderful things for the various industries.

Claire Fennelow, our Executive Director, attended the virtual ceremony. She says, “I settled down to watch DRPG’s Anything’s Possible Awards last Friday afternoon having been told in advance that we had been nominated for an award and sent a wonderful box of goodies.

EVCOM have been lucky enough to be on the receiving end of DRPG’s professional and creative expertise over the last 15 months with our own Award Ceremonies taking place at their studios but I was thrilled to actually be watching rather than experiencing the nerves of being in the thick of it this time. As ever, the ceremony production was fantastic and it was lovely to see so many of the DRPG staff dressed to impress and presenting the Awards. Dale was the ‘host with the most’ and ran the show with his usual aplomb.

The categories were based around clients, programmes and industry. I was thrilled to hear that EVCOM had won an industry award for our Diversity and Inclusion work over the last year. Absolutely made up to be recognised, not least because I hope it will encourage others to get going on their D&I programmes and crack on with making inroads into the appalling lack of diversity in the live and film sectors. We’ve only taken small steps on this road but we hope with the introduction of our Shadow Board, the Focus Award and our youth programme we will start to see a shift.

Big thanks from Amelia and I to DRPG for shining a light, and to Ashanti Bentil-Dhue from Diversity Ally for her kind words.”

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