Two years ago EVCOM announced our inaugural shadow board, and this month we are delighted to introduce you to our new cohort of filmmakers and event organisers who will be working with us over the next two years. The shadow board will have the opportunity to shape our content, our event programme and our campaigning focus, and will work with the senior board across several smaller committees with specific areas of concentration, including diversity and event programming. This initiative has been shaped in collaboration with Events 101.

We held our first meeting last week and it was great to hear about their areas of passion and their vision for the industry. We look forward to building a better EVCOM, and a better industry, with them.

Get to know them below!

Meet the new shadow board


Amelia Bithell: I am currently studying Events management at Cardiff Metropolitan University. During my first year, I gained a wide range of experience from weddings and festivals to conferences and award ceremonies. Events combine all the elements that excite and inspire me. I have a passion for creativity, organisation, and collaborative teamwork in a varied and challenging environment. I can’t wait to be a voice for the next generation, shaping the future of the industry through fresh and new ideas.

Aneri Shah: I have been actively involved in the industry for the past 3 years, primarily focusing on getting experience in all the segments of the industry and getting involved with diverse clients and teams to gain valuable insights.  I strongly believe that events have the potential to leave a lasting impact, not only on attendees but also on the environment and communities. What I love the most about this field is the ability to bring people together, create memorable experiences, and effectively convey messages through storytelling and executing various events.

Bex Duffey: Bex has been an Events Executive at Live Union since the summer of 2022. Before this, she embarked on many educational journeys specializing in different fields, such as obtaining her undergraduate BA degree in Drama and Theatre Arts. Afterward, she earned her diploma in Producing for Theatre and Live events, and most recently, she obtained a Level 7 post-graduate diploma in Events Management and Marketing.

Currently at Live Union, Bex is helping to create live experiences for some of the world’s top corporate clientele. With only one year under her belt, Bex is looking forward to continuing her journey in her events career and joining the EVCOM shadow board, where she hopes to help evolve the future of events. She looks forward to being able to be a voice for the upcoming generation of event professionals.

Deborah Adefioye: I am a recent media graduate from the University of Arts and have recently started working as a Postproduction runner. In the future, I hope to become a film editor.

Martin Topalov: My current experience to date:

  • Had a role as a second assistant director, also been part of an editing team that worked on footage shot by me and other students

What I love about the industry:

  • I love being able to work together with various people. Getting to know and understand the individual, their aspirations is always something really interesting to me.

My passions:

  • Certainly, I love cinema. Whether I am planning to make shirt films with friends, participating in actual practise on set in an organised group or watching movies and getting to discuss its intricacies, they all hold great value to me.

Muhammad Abdurrahman: I’ve directed a creative short film with ForUsFilms last year alongside managing in the food and drinks industry. Furthermore found myself growing in experience of handling large events in business and understanding digital marketing importance when it comes down to different enterprises. That’s why I’m glad to be a part of the EVCOM shadow board program only further enveloping my skills with further knowledge and experience. All of which will help me to attain a sustained career in the digital marketing world creating pieces I can truly be proud of!

Susie Holm: I’m Susie, an aspiring Producer. After graduating from Brunel University London I worked as a freelance runner for a few months before joining The Edge Picture Company, where I work as a Production Runner, assisting in all stages of the production of short corporate films. I love bringing creative and inspiring ideas to life, and I always have a strong focus on celebrating diverse perspectives. My personal interests include knitting, reading, and tap dancing.

Wiktoria Stojek: Up until now I have taken part in a few productions in a variety of roles, some working with companies such as ForUsFilms and CasualFilms and some working independently. One of the things I love the most about the media industry is the creative freedom it allows as well as the ability to reflect own views and beliefs through creating work that can be seen by others.

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