We are very excited to be launching our third month of the EVCOM Sessions Virtual programme. This month we will be discussing sustainability, leadership and mental health through a series of webinars and talks. In the third week of June, we will be sharing our new project: The Big EVCOM Skills Share. Over three days, nine creatives and industry experts will be part of a cross-community skills share via Instagram Live, sharing tips, creative inspiration and software introductions!


Sustainability in a World Gone Virtual

When: Wednesday 3rd June, 4:00pm – 4:45pm

What: Webinar

Planes are grounded, conferences are moving online, and mountain ranges are visible for the first time in years. Sustainability has been a hot topic in our industry in recent years. So what is the impact of the move to virtual on the fight for a more sustainable events sector? Will the world be more open to calls to protect the planet or will it revert back to normal? What does a sustainable events sector of the future look like? Experts in sustainability in the events sector will investigate these questions and more!

Register here.


Towards Recovery: ‘Successfully Motivate your Re-united Team after Furlough’

When: Wednesday 10th June, 4:00pm – 4:45pm

What: Webinar

How people are re-integrated into the business may dictate your success in the ‘recovery’ phase of this crisis.

In this session, Sharon Baker and Lucy Thompson, leadership and team coaches, will lead a discussion around questions like:

  • How do we re-integrate people and build team cohesion when the company may have changed?
  • How do we ensure people are equipped, empowered and working efficiently to enable optimal growth?
  • What will it take to manage any internal dynamics between furloughed and other employees?
  • What do we need to know to lead this process sensitively and effectively to ensure wellbeing?

Join us for this stimulating and interactive session with other agency leaders.

Register here.


The Big Skills Share

When: 16th – 18th June. Three 10 minute sessions each day at 2pm, 3pm and 4pm.

What: A series of Instagram lives of ten minute skills sharing videos.

EVCOM Members will be taking part in a cross-community skills share.

DAY ONE: The steps to creative inspiration!

How do you get ideas? Three creatives will share how they get inspired!

DAY TWO: Become software savvy!

Three experts will explain the basics of a creative software of their choice, for anyone who is looking to try out new technologies and skills!

DAY THREE: Top Tips!

Three experts share their top tips on a subject matter of their choice, from event design to finding the perfect shooting location!


Re-building a Well Workforce

When: Available online on Wednesday 24th June

What: Talk

Laura Capell-Abra (Stress Matters) will be sharing her insight into how to find the balance between your team’s wellbeing and re-building your business. As lockdown relaxes and companies are slowly getting back to work we are now in that position of trying to work out how to get through the other side of a pandemic. She will look at how to utilise your best assets and how to build a stronger team than pre-pandemic.


The EVCOM Sessions were created in response to Covid-19, to help members and non-members alike, stay connected, stay creative and keep learning.

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