As 2021 draws to a close, we are really excited to reveal our new film, which now sits front and centre on our website. Earlier in the year we held our first shadow board meeting simultaneously with a senior board meeting. A wall away from each other, both groups suggested an EVCOM film to detail what we do and who we are through the medium so many of our members excel in.

Board member and filmmaker, Tim Langford, spearheaded the project, with the support of DRPG’s Liam D. Millard. The film compiles footage from EVCOM’s recent events, as well as sections of award-winning film created by our members!

We spoke to Tim about why he felt EVCOM needed a new film and the process of making it: “I felt strongly that EVCOM needed a short, punchy film that could succinctly sum up and promote – in bite sized form – our activities and the core essence of what EVCOM is. As a result we came up with the sizzle e.g. a promotional short. It was – given the shortage of time and lack of resources (e.g. no budget!) a minor miracle we delivered just in time (a bit like our industry !).


Without DRPG’s editor Liam D. Millard none of this would have happened. Without his commitment, flair and diligence we would have still been talking about it. In a busy schedule he used his downtime to pull this together over a long weekend. So yes I might have been at the wheel but he was in the engine room driving this forward.”


Liam continued, “I was delighted to be asked by Tim to edit the film for EVCOM. I took it as a huge compliment as he could have approached many other people but decided to put his trust in myself to create the film. What made this more enjoyable is that Tim provided me with a small brief but gave me full creative license and produce whatever came into my mind and with no amends to the first pass, this was only a creative editors dream. 


Shamefully, I hadn’t heard of EVCOM before but after doing my research, I soon became very excited to produce something for such a prestigious association, especially with all the beautiful films that EVCOM had to offer!


So a big thank you to Tim and EVCOM for trusting me and giving me such an amazing opportunity!”


EVCOM’s Executive Director Claire added, “As a company that represents filmmakers, we felt it was essential that we made a film that represented us. I’d like to say a huge thank you to Tim and to Liam, who offered their time and support free of charge, to help us produce this film. We hope you enjoy it!”

View the film below:


Thank you so much to Tim and Liam for lending your skillsets to EVCOM, to produce this film for and about our members!

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