The UK Top 50, started by Televisual and known then as Corporate 50, is a definitive list of top corporate film companies in the UK. It was last run in 2019, and this 2022 it’s coming back! The corporate film industry often has not always got the recognition it deserves but big steps have been made in this direction. The 2020 Brand Film Industry Report put the sector back on the map, and corporate and brand film is now recognised by the BFI and beyond. The UK Top 50 highlights the many brilliant agencies working in our industry, especially recognising those who stand out. Alongside the Brand Film Survey which produces the Brand Film Industry Report, it is an opportunity to gauge industry feeling around challenges we are overcoming and ones that lie ahead. EVCOM and Moving Image are delighted to be working together to bring back the UK Top 50 and the Brand Film Survey this year.

We have put together a series of questions, that ask companies where their businesses are now, and how their businesses have been changing over the past 12 months, to help predict what future challenges might be. Using the answers from this survey we will pull together the UK Top 50 list, ranking production companies depending on their responses. Moving Image will also compile the Brand Film Industry Report, to reveal how the sector as a whole is doing, where people are focusing looking forwards and what the future of the sector might look like.

Claire Fennelow, EVCOM’s Executive Director, says, “The corporate film industry is often known as an under-recognised sector. The UK Top 50 and Brand Film Industry Report were always ways to combat that, recognising top corporate film companies and offering visibility. That’s why we are so excited to be bringing them back. Please do fill in the survey to be part of this industry wide recognition of excellence.”


Steve Garvey, Moving Image CEO, comments: “In 2020 we put this sector back on the map of the UK screen industries. This year, the combined UK Top 50 and the Brand Film Industry Report will be a powerful showcase for the sector’s creative and economic value. The responses we capture from industry participants will make all this possible, and we urge everyone in the sector, brands and producers, to complete the survey.”

You can fill in the survey here.

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