As summer turns to Autumn, we have organised two specialist sessions for our members, to support your teams across both creativity and purpose.

How to Have Better Ideas: A Masterclass

This September we are delighted to welcome back creative thinker Richard Holman, who has previously headlined at EVCOMference. ‘How to Have Better Ideas’ is a three and a half hour afternoon masterclass designed by Richard to energise, inspire and education professional creative teams. It’s an uplifting blend of inspirational stories, skills based training and rewarding individual and team exercises, all with a common theme of creativity. The aim is to enable everyone attending to realise their full creative potential.

The longer we work in a creative field the more rigid our thinking can become. We accumulate assumptions about process, we’re pushed towards the conventions of our medium and it can get harder to have original ideas. In this mind opening masterclass Richard will overturn some of the most common misconceptions about the creative process to reveal simple techniques for arriving at original, compelling & effective ideas.

Expect drug taking dolphins, an agoraphobic traveller and an iconoclastic nun.

Topics covered include:

  • Letting the ideas have you
  • Analytic vs Spontaneous Thinking
  • Creativity vs Evaluation
  • How to love your limitations
  • How to sell your weakness
  • Beginning with the worst idea
  • Secrets of brainstorming
  • Mindful making
  • Coping with failure
  • The magic of accidents

Here a bit more from Richard about what you can expect from the workshop below:


The masterclass is taking place on 28th September, 2pm-6pm at Here Space on Greek Street, Soho, and costs £145+VAT for members. You can find out more and book tickets here.


Sustainability and Responsible Communications: A Workshop

Following this in October, we are partnering with Syntiro Associates and Terrafiniti to offer a bespoke sustainability and responsible communications focused workshop package for EVCOM members. EVCOM members can attend the workshop at the significantly reduced rate of £425 per person. The workshop is normally valued at £575 per person. Please note, only one person per organisation is allowed.

Syntiro and Terrafiniti have been supporting companies on sustainability in the communications industry and beyond for many years. Based upon a close working relationship, and a range of complimentary services, they work together to provide specialist support on responsible communications, underlying sustainability strategy, purpose and performance improvement, and avoiding greenwashing.

With increasing regulation, marketplace pressures and public scrutiny, there has been a significant rise in issues involving greenwashing and association risk, leading to reputational and brand damage and fines. Their research suggests that much of this risk lies in companies with relatively ‘good’ sustainability performance, but non-compliant communications. EVCOM members could therefore be at higher risk if not skilled in the specific requirements and how to navigate them.

They will be offering specialist training and providing tried & tested tools that address these risks and create opportunities for adding value as an integral part of core service delivery and differentiation. They will lift the lid on (often unspoken) but pivotal challenges, and provide effective solutions such as how to

  • assess whether a client’s environmental claims are at risk of greenwashing – and what do we do if they are?
  • handle tricky conversations with clients – and hold them accountable within a supportive environment?
  • assess the risks and opportunities of association with a client – and take effective action on them so all parties benefit?
  • ensure all our own internal and external claims are compliant – and still make them compelling?
  • start to move beyond ‘operationally good’ and meaningfully measure ‘purpose driven’ – in ways that can be substantiated?

The package also includes a post workshop 1:1, 30 minute, debrief call with Sam or Dominic to pick up questions arising and provide specific advice as needed.

The workshop is taking place on 24th October, 9:30am-1pm at Radley Yeldar’s offices in London. You can find out more and book your ticket here.

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