We gathered up our members in the film industry, from senior leaders to those who have only been working in the industry for a few years, to ask them to share their journeys and top tips for getting ahead in the film industry.

They talk about the importance of saying yes to every opportunity that comes your way, of bringing a broadmindedness and willingness into every working environment you enter –  attitude counts for a lot when you’re gaining experience. Employers are impressed by people who take initiative, whether that’s making a film with your friends at the weekend, writing scripts in your bedroom, finding running jobs via facebook groups and so on. Throughout your career, but especially at the beginning, it is so important to take every opportunity to learn about the industry and about the role you’d like to take in it.

Thank you to Toby Trueman (Heehaw), Jane Sayers (Content Engine @ Shell), Adam Davies (UKTV), Adam Hollis (Plastic Pictures), Marlijn Hegge (DRPG), Barnaby Cook (Quite Frankly), Ryan Dean (RD Content), Faisal Shah (Pukka Films) and Jonathan Brigden (Studio Giggle) for sharing their expertise. And a huge thank you to Bouche Media for putting together and editing the film. We hope you find it useful!


Video Credit: Bouche Media
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