This week, we heard from Jacqui Edmiston to kick of EventWell’s second week of talks and activities as part of Event Wellbeing Month 2020. Jacqui talked about the importance of movement, not just from a physical perspective, but also from a mental perspective. We discussed the common impediments that people list to being able to exercise as much as they want, from time to exhaustion. Jacqui asked us to apply SMART objectives to our exercise goals, encouraging us to aim for manageable goals with clear cut boundaries.

Not everyone is blessed with the ability to catch balls or run at great speeds – I am certainly not. Inspired by Jacqui’s session, we have compiled a list of ways to keep moving that don’t involve treadmills and lycra!

  • A morning walk. If you’re still working from home, then this is a lovely way to start the day. Replace that commute time with a wander to your local park or around your local area. You might even discover a coffee shop you didn’t know existed or find some instagrammable graffiti.
  • Youtube Yoga. I haven’t been to that many yoga classes in my life, but in almost all of them I have fallen over and vowed never to be seen there again. No such problem in my living room! I can fall over and get back up again to my heart’s content, pause the video whenever it’s all getting a bit too much, and jump in the shower straight after!
  • Dance. I don’t mean learn complicated choreography (although very impressed by anyone who can), I mean put on one of your favourite songs and jump up and down, wave your arms, twirl around. Three minutes of easy cardio!
  • Walk up escalators. If you are back on the tube, then even just walking up and down an escalator every day counts!
  • Exercise with friends. Whether it’s going for a long walk instead for a pint, or doing an alternative version of the Couch25K together (run, chat, run, chat), having another person to keep you motivated and make any kind of movement more fun is invaluable.


Find out more about Jacqui’s work and her company Breathe here:

Photo by Drew Graham on Unsplash

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