Cutting-edge technologies and trends the new year will see levelling up video production. EVCOM member Synima share their insight into the video and animation trends that are going to be dominating 2024.

Forward focused and eager to grasp new opportunities, our team here at Synima are continuously surveying upcoming trends and integrating the ones which astonish us and advance support for our clients. The following technologies will continuously evolve and shape the industry in 2024, and we’re excited to make the most out of them.

Generative AI

Undoubtedly the most talked about technology on the list – generative AI has been improving fast across numerous fields such as 3D modelling, animation and art. With a single text prompt or image, animators can visualize their ideas instantly, speed up tedious processes like in-between frames, and spend more time on details that matter. Other aspects of the video production pipeline are being revamped by AI too – actors can work with the tool to provide alternative readings or rework lines outside of the studio, and copywriters can utilize generative tech such as ChatGPT to replace a blank page of writer’s block with a thought-provoking starting prompt to bounce from.

Ai trends for 2024 video synima

Watch how AI can help develop creative concepts here, or above.

Motion Capture

Previously reserved for high-budget movie studios, motion capture is becoming more accessible thanks to software such as Blender and Unreal Engine and is too being supplemented by generative AI. In an ongoing mission to stand out, adverts are becoming more professional, and a cinematic touch is just what mo-cap can provide. By blending the imaginative and straight-to-the-heart capability of animation with the subtleties of human expression captured by live action, mo-cap combines the best of both worlds and helps animators create with more efficiency.


Photogrammetry has been aiding the art of 3D modelling for a while, but the ability to reconstruct whole scenes solely from an array of angled photos has been completely revolutionized by newer technologies such as Gaussian splatting and NeRF. Reflections, transparency and featureless areas such as skies can now be generated with clarity, and, perhaps the most impressive development – the generative technology utilized by NeRF can predict what un-photographed areas look like and fill in the blanks. Tech giants such as Google have already incorporated this technology into their “immersive street view” option on Google Maps, and we’re excited to see how the tech will continue to develop and support the field.


These trends mark a new era for video production, and we’re determined to bring out their full potential with the guidance of our talented team. If you would like to learn more about the technologies shaping the video and animation industry in 2024, feel free to contact us at

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