By Cvent

Live events are in full-swing and event agencies are all busy planning for the new year. However, the constant evolution of the event landscape means we need to adjust our strategy.

If the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s the importance of face-to-face interactions for both our mental wellbeing and more effective business dealings. In-person interaction offers brand marketers a valuable opportunity to form deeper connections, which are simply not possible over email, Zoom or Teams. They are the ‘Yin’ to digital marketing’s ‘Yang’. They force us to lean in and experience rather than look down and switch off.

While a balanced marketing strategy will include multiple channels and a range of consumer touchpoints, organisations invest in live events because they provide a more meaningful and memorable way to engage prospects, speak to customers, and communicate brand values to targeted audience segments.

Events support lead generation and sales acceleration strategies, they amplify brand awareness and corporate messaging, plus they drive revenue generation from ticket sales or sponsorships. However, the event planning landscape has changed.

The pandemic has accelerated the role of technology and automation, introduced new attendee behaviours and expectations, and brought into sharper focus the importance of safer, more sustainable meetings and events. Cvent have put together an eBook which explores these changes and how to adapt both your strategy and execution for a Total Event Programme that’s fit for this evolved world.

Download Cvent’s Ultimate Guide to Creating Successful Live Events to discover everything you need to know when planning for in-person events, including venue sourcing tips, choosing the right technology, the role of the event app and how to improve event sustainability. Download it here.

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