Our final day of EVCOM’s BIG SKILLS SHARE is here. Over the past three days we have been joined by friends and members of the EVCOM community. Today is day three, and industry experts have shared their top tips on experiential learning, ideas and PR!



Trainer and Facilitator Andrew Blair shares his insight into the possibilities and practicalities of experiential learning in a live interview. He talks about using actors, both in live environments and online, to perform roleplays and simulations, and create a level of immersion for the learners. He talks about the value of learning in this way, where increased engagement means increased long term understanding.

If you missed Andrew discussing experiential training live, you can catch up on his interview below:


Find out more about Andrew’s work in virtual and experiential training here.



Dan Walker (Ashfield Meetings and Events) shares his top tips on how to get a focused outcome, by thinking inside the box! He talks about the importance of having a “clarity of purpose” when creating something, be it an event or a blog post! Looking at both internal and external factors, he says that clear foundations actually support and promote creative thinking.

You can catch Dan’s session up below if you didn’t manage to tune in live:


Find out more about Ashfield’s work here.


Katie Morhen (52eight3 PR) shares some of her top tips on how to get the press interested in your event:

  1. Reach out to press in an individual and personal way – don’t just send out a blanket press release.
  2. Find the story in your event and tell it. What’s new about your event? If it’s an annual event, what’s changed?
  3. Consider the journey your press will take during your event, and make sure the experience is a positive and guided one for them.

You can catch up on the rest of her top tips below:


Find out more about what Katie does, and the services that 52eight3 offer here.


That concludes THE BIG SKILLS SHARE. Across three days, eight creatives, industry leaders and experts have shared their advice and skills across a huge range of topics. We are incredibly grateful to each one of them!

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